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BC Liberal Throne Speech:

“The core services this government provides need to be protected, and the inescapable truth is that they can only be protected if we can afford them.”


The core services this government provides [ like subsidizing business, funding the Premier’s trips and photo ops, employing hundreds of spinmeisters, paying extravagant executive salaries and pensions and giving away natural resources ] need to be protected, and the inescapable truth is that they can only be protected if we can afford them, [ so that requires higher MSP & ICBC premiums and increased BC Hydro rates, ferry fares, carbon taxes, transit taxes, fuel taxes, municipal taxes and cuts to Pharmacare benefits. ]

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  1. I understand there has been a new report saying that geo thermal could power BC itself and provide power to sell on. Why isn't this headline stuff in every BC news outlet?


  2. I also saw that report. Now if we could only get the molten core of the earth to donate large amounts of money to the Neoliberal party of BC we might get somewhere.


  3. core values, yes like regular trips to China and India, at taxpayer's expense. It is so important that Christy have these vacations with her nearest and dearest. she might not have them other wise.

    core services, of course of not include ensuring people on disability receive enough money to live on with any degree of dignity. Core services do not include ensuring children are adequately cared for, either while being “in care” or having parents who rely on the government for money.

    Core services–carry on raping everyone. In my opinion that is what the b.c. lieberals are doing to many citizens of this province and our natural resources.


  4. Well said Norm and everyone else, We are living in scary times in this province core services only apply to the well to do and the well connected,
    I too read that report mentioned about Burrard Thermal, and not a word anywhere about it in MSM? but you would hardly know we had the Legislature in session either, the lack of reporting in BC. is truly astounding again my thanks to the bloggers and other concerned citizens, for the posts.


  5. What are we talking about? Geo-thermal or Burrard Thermal? I don't get newspapers or television out here (small blessing for living off-grid). I remember a flurry of activity around Pemberton (geo-thermal / Meagher Creek?) years ago. I also recall heated discussions about the Burrard coal powered? power station. Any way these are connected?


  6. Burrard Thermal is natural-gas powered. BC Hydro owns it, but is discouraged by Govt policy from using it, supposedly due to CO2 emissions. By not using Burrard Thermal, BC Hydro supposedly needs more power from IPPs. Strange how policy affecting BC Hydro benefits the IPPs.

    Also strange is how the BC Govt thinks it's ok to ship LNG to Asia, where some of it would likely be used in power plants similar to Burrard Thermal. Shipping LNG entails extra CO2 emissions, from the liquefaction, to the shipping across the Pacific.


  7. Thanks Hugh. I was looking for some correlation between Anonymous 6:58 (…new report saying geo thermal could power BC itself…) and Anonymous 6:54, two days later (I too read that report mentioned about Burrard Thermal,…)
    I don't believe they're talking about the same thing?
    I would be very interested in any new information about geothermal energy. Not so much about the Burrard plant.


  8. Google Search Criteria:
    Vancouver Island thermal generating plant site selection study for British Columbia Hydro and Power authority

    Vancouver Island Energy Corporation wholly owned by BC Hydro

    September 8, 2003 British Columbia Utility Commission

    Vancouver Island Generation Project (VIGP)

    Page 32 of 113

    The proposed VIGP consists of a natural gas-fired electric generating plant, a connection and upgrade to the existing on-Island electric transmission grid, a short gas supply pipeline, a water supply line from the existing Harmac reservoir and a wastewater line to the existing treatment system. The facility would be located in Nanaimo's Duke Point industrial area on Vancouver Island, on a site that was acquired from Pope & Talbot Ltd. ( Pope and Talbot) at its Harmac pulp operations. The site is already cleared and is zoned for industrial use …….


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