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One value Premier failed to learn: truthfulness

This item from April 2013 is updated with current numbers.

In a 30-minute TV commercial two years after assuming the office of Premier, Christy Clark said that leadership involves,

“holding true to the values you were raised with…”

If I were one of the people that parented her, I would feel a sense of failure, values wise, since she has little commitment to truthfulness. For example, she claimed Sunday her goal was to leave a debt free province.

“You don’t leave your kids with debt. It’s just the wrong thing to do.”

That statement is fatuous. Worse than fatuous, it is a lie. So too was the 2013 election promise that LNG would eliminate debt and leave the province with a 12-figure Prosperity Fund

The BC Liberal government has added more provincial debt than any in history.  No other administration compares when it comes to plunging citizens, both adults and children, more deeply into debt. Additionally, the Liberals rolled up more than $100 billion in debts that don’t actually get counted as debt; they are “Contractual Commitments.”

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  1. Along the lines of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves

    “She claimed Sunday her goal was to leave a debt free province.”

    Great goal Christy! Please – just leave! We'll deal with the decade of debt.


  2. I wouldn't call it admiration — but I know that I couldn't stand there like Christy does, spouting the lies and spin. I'd be stammering and my face would be red.

    Perhaps her next job can be as a spokesperson for RBC.


  3. As I pointed out on Harvey Oberfeld's blog, debt is not passed along to children when the parent die.

    So in a sense she is correct when she says “You don't leave your kids with debt”. But I don't think that it's the sense that she intended. It's a poor analogy to compare parental debt with provincial debt.


  4. I think Ms Clark is actually into something that Stephen Colbert invented: Truthiness.

    the quality of seeming to be true according to one's intuition, opinion, or perception without regard to logic, factual evidence, or the like: the growing trend of truthiness as opposed to truth.
    Rare. truthfulness or faithfulness.
    1824 for def 2; 2005 for def 1 (coined by Stephen Colbert (1964– ), U.S. comedian and TV host); truth + -y1 + -ness


  5. I did a checklist, back in the days of W in the White House, since he claimed to be a Christian, of how he was doing in relation to the actual teachings of Jesus Christ and that other benchmark of which Republicans seem so enamoured, the Ten Commandments. He didn't do well, apart from honouring his mother and father and, perhaps, keeping the Sabbath. There was a little thing about thou shalt not kill, about coveting neighbour's goods, and perhaps most egregiously, bearing false witness. I'm not sure, with the deluge of untruths that have emanated from her mouth and the mouths of her designated proxies, that Clark would even recognize the truth if she ran into it on the street, something not likely to happen with the phalanxes of self-serving supporters and sycophants surrounding her.


  6. No doubt what will happen is the NDP will win, and will be capable of doing little more than try to dig the province out of the huge debt hole the Liberals have created. During this time, the MSM and the Liberals will somehow manage to spin it that the NDP are responsible for the current debt situation, setting up a come-back in 2017.


  7. The public's share of natural resource revenue has reduced drastically during BC Liberal years. Big dollar supporters of Liberals like Teck and Goldcorp had profits rise dramatically. They paid for that result and they got it.

    Additionally, it has become clear that the wealthiest people and corporations are using overseas tax shelters to avoid and evade taxation. The Conservative government in Ottawa must be pressed by provinces to increase enforcement.

    A fair tax and royalty system, along with major changes to private power obligations, can be used to reduce debt and fund programs. That needs political dedication that BC Liberals do not have.


  8. A friend of mine owns a row of townhouses. Some of her renters, just can't pay their rent. Some of them have giant hydro bills of, $750 per month. As we all know, this is happening frequently in BC. The senior who had a hydro bill, over $1,000. Thanks to Gordon Campbell and, his stupid smart meters.

    I'm sure we have always know of the wealthy, stashing their money in, tax free off shore accounts? Flaherty has often said. The giant corporations and the wealthy, are sitting on all of the money. Why then, did they give those wealthy corporations, another $60 billion in tax reductions? Harper steals from us to give to, the wealthiest outfits in the world.

    However. This fits right in with Harper speech of his dream of, global governance for Canada. His outsourcing of Chinese resource workers in the tar sands and, our BC mines. I can't think of another country that would be, stupid enough to do that? Other country's in the world seem to want, to keep their country's sovereign. They fight to keep jobs for, their own people. Why else Harper's treachery, with his bizarre behavior?


  9. There's no way I'll vote to bring back in any incarnation of the BC Liberals in 2017, no matter how bad it gets.

    As Ayatollah Mike de Jong said, “The only thing worse than sitting through a bad movie, is sitting through it twice>”


  10. Nothing much has changed in 18 months. We go on and on about the scandalous behavior of these …. pigs And we get the same agreement from the same two dozen commentators every time. We few wholeheartedly welcome your news of their egregious behavior, your facts and graphs repeatedly illustrating their blatant, preposterous claims.
    I have been following your, Laila's, Harvey's, Grant's etc. blogs for about 5 years and nothing happens! Take her (Chrispy's) latest tour of India, while the rare sitting of the Legislature was in session. What a travesty! What a waste of money! And who calls her out on it? Not the Corporation owned media for sure. They're all over there with her!
    I'll continue to read, especially the commenters, as I find it all entertaining. (I don't subscribe to TV or 'the papers', so rely solely on blogs for my info).
    I wish it weren't so. I'd much rather be reading to find out who was leading the next Hong Kong type protest and what I could do to help.
    Keep on keeping on. I'll be here.


  11. Thanks John's Aghast, I agree salt on wounds. Tomorrow will bring new corruption and by Thursday it will be forgotten.
    After the Basi Virk trial I realized something.


  12. Here is the big problem besetting BC voters, the mainstream political parties in BC are so out of touch with reality that it is a choice between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    The BC Liberal Party is lost in American Republican/Tea-Party rhetoric which believes that the wealthy 1% have domain over the other 99%. The party is one of power and corporate control. It's members, largely religious evangelicals, firmly believe what they do is their god given right to do and only god (their god of mammon mind you) must be obeyed.

    The BC Liberals Party is a throwback to the divine right of kings to rule.

    The NDP are an ossified political party, so anal that they reside in the land of the lost. Held hostage by self interest groups, the NDP struggle to be relevant and only seem to be elected when the 'other' party is held to such high odor, that even their supporters do not vote.

    The self serving drivel that has become the NDP's party platform is also the architect of the party's continual “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” in election after election.

    Federally it is even worse, as Herr Harper is a caricature of 1920's and 30's dictator, where his lies are repeated so often that the public have come to believe them. both the NDP and Liberal Party suffer from the old Canadian bug a boo, kow-towing to Quebec, which, in the end, does both parties little good.

    In the civic scene is is the BC Liberal versus a reborn NDP, under various pseudonyms, though in Vancouver the Civic NDDP, pretend they are BC Liberals.

    Yes there is something wrong, the entire political process is now in the hands of special interest groups which have made the electorate treat elections as some sort of pox, best to be avoided.


  13. and on top of it all we have almost non stop commercial from oil/gas companies telling us how great it all is. Its enough to gag a maggot.

    Nothing will change until people have had enough. That obviously hasn't happened. People still want to believe the junk they are given as news on the MSM.

    WE are about to begin the annual “beg a thon”. Its when various charities and agencies start asking for donations so the “less fortunate” can enjoy Christmas.

    The debt of B.C. is growing so large, that once the lieberals are tossed out of office, the next government may well declare bankruptcy, just like Detroit. If you don't think it could happen, just look at Norm's stats and then at Detroit's.

    Some towns in B.C. are being kept afloat because people commute to Alberta to work. They buy homes, after they have done their time in Alberta. People who see no way out of their debt loads go to Alberta, work to pay if off, save some, and come home.

    You so wonder what needs to happen for Christy to be turfed. At least el gordo was finally forced out by his own party. Why they don't do the same with Christy is beyond me.

    I do have to give her credit though. She says it all with a straight face, like she means it. When Don McRae recently stood up in the leg. and told the NDP critic, he wasn't going to implement a policy the government they couldn't afford, I couldn't stop laughing. Yes, they need to continue to mine for gold in the pocket of children who live at 50% below the poverty line. Then they give tax cuts/credits to oil/gas/movie,etc. industries.

    Oh, Don also thought it was important for us to know, they were going to grow the economy by exporting natural gas. The only natural gas B.C. is going to be selling is what Don and Christy are spewing from both orifices

    At some point, agencies may pull a Detroit on us, refusing to extend credit. It can't happen soon enough. Then we might get back on the road again to honest government. I'm o.k. with that, even if my tax rate doubles, as long as all those corporations are paying what I am paying.

    The latest LNG line about paying taxes on their “profits”, well in case people didn't know, companies can ensure they never show a profit while raking in the dough. Norm, you may recall, from back in the day, when actors who had been promised a % of the t.v. series profits, never saw a cent because the company “never made any money”. Well if the B.C. Lieberals don't know about that, surely the NDP ought to have brought it to the public's attention. In the end some of those actors sued. They got their money. Will anyone in B.C.ever sue an LNG corporation when they start saying they never made a profit?


  14. Norm,

    It's absurd in the face of your numbers, that the current BC Government can pretend they are good fiscal managers. Even more absurd that we elected them, as we must have perceived the alternative as even worse.

    Regarding your numbers of “Commitments”: are these straight out cash disbursements, or will we as taxpayers receive some value in return for them? Are some of these commitments, for example, to pay for power purchased from friends at outrageously high rates? What are some of the other “commitments:?


  15. Would he have a connection to Liberals if his wife served as a “Communications Director” for the Liberal government, according to FY 2014 Public Accounts? She was appointed by Order in Council and Public Accounts show payments to her of $705,640. since 2005.

    I imagine CKNW regularly advises listeners of this connection, just as Black Press probably advises readers that Tom Fletcher's wife earned $506,059 since 2007 as a Public Affairs Officer, also an OIC appointment.


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