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  1. Thanks Norm – that was a pretty fast response to my nudge OR, as usual, you were that many steps ahead. How the hell do we get our province and our country back when the federal and provincial government trollops are giving our resources away to their corporate backers for the delusion of power?


  2. From the item linked above:

    The politicos can no longer hear the people they supposedly serve.

    Concentrated wealth no longer heeds any falconer; it is free to exploit its power in the market and the halls of government.

    Unconstrained by an inner falconer of integrity, many seek to game the system to maximize their private gain by any means available.

    Market manipulators, equally unconstrained, ceaselessly rig markets for their private gain and the benefit of their cronies.


  3. Most times,we don't have to worry about numbers that contain more than a few zeros. In parts of the world (Europe for example), a trillion is a million million (1 followed by 18 zeros) but in North America, it is usually a thousand billion (1 followed by 12 zeros). I follow the latter convention for numbers even though I usually use UK spelling conventions.


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