What’s this "fat" and "gravy" they speak of anyway?

Are schools and hospitals fat? Are veterans’ pensions gravy?

So what have we cut already?

  • 32% of Veterans Affairs staff supporting disability, death and financial benefits for veterans.
  • One-fifth of Canadian food inspector positions.
  • One-third of Statistics Canada’s data analysts.
  • One-quarter of positions in the department that handles EI claims.
  • And in other news, Canada Revenue Agency is slated to kill 3,000 positions in a division specializing in offshore tax avoidance at the same time as it ramps up what increasingly looks to be politically motivated audits of progressive and environmental charities.

And those are cuts at the federal level. In British Columbia, Liberals have managed the civil service with a similar style of hack, whack and smack. From the time they took office in 2001, the economy has expanded by half, in constant dollars. Yet the professional service, provider of much needed expertise, has declined by a quarter. The combined effect means the public has roughly half the professional capability it once had to manage the business affairs of government.

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    And then us peons, we're subjected to all the new “rate” increases come Jan 1, with no increase in our earnings, or if we're lucky, maybe 1-2%. We're watching more homeless on the streets, crime increasing (although the media says it's not, really? Where do you come from/live? ) in our neighborhoods, sick people needing help on the streets because there aren't facilities to put them in.
    There needs to be change in 2015, BIG CHANGE.


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