Tax preparation software – FREE

A message I’ve been repeating annually.

For most of us, Canada’s income tax season is in focus, or soon will be. As previously noted here, I urge you to try certified tax preparation software at STUDIO TAX.

It works perfectly well for almost everyone, enables online filing and comes at a remarkable price: NOTHING.

The publishers of Studio Tax do ask you to make a modest monetary contribution toward product support, if you are pleased. However, that’s entirely voluntary.

We’ve used Studio Tax in our house for years and I recommend it without reservation.

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  1. I understand StudioTax is only available in Windows format so an iPad or Android tablet would not work. Perhaps you have a friend with a Windows laptop who will lend it to you for a short while. Alternatively, check with your local library to see if they might install this software on a device that patrons can use. Of course, they'd have to check with the StudioTax publishers to ensure that copyright is not offended.


  2. Studio Tax is available for Mac OS 10.6 through 10.10 as of 2013 (2014 has just been released). Only in English and does not support Quebec returns, but it works very well – and I second your recommendation


  3. I used H&R block software last year and after many frustrating hours finally managed to efile my returns, after getting audited in November last year I contacted H&R Block and was informed that there was a “glitch” in the software when it came to pension splitting BUT if I want to pay them AGAIN they would gladly done my return again. I told them what I thought of their software and they could forget me doing business with them again EVER!


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