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  1. There's a man with a fire in his belly! It is always a pleasure to hear a politician who can speak clearly and intelligently about important issues. It's not a male-female thing, either, as Kathleen Wynn of Ontario is also (in my opinion) a politician who knows her business. Like ya know what I'm saying?


  2. In every conversation I've had with Horgan, he's demonstrated a superior knowledge on every subject addressed. Additionally, I believe he will demand ethical behaviour and he recognizes that transparency is a key tool of ensuring it. Liberals are headed down the road in an opposite direction and this week they introduced changes to law that will allow them to destroy written records more easily.


  3. Just listened to that. Horgan talks too fast, I can't understand the guy and he seems to turn me off. Have been following Andrew Weaver who comes across as a helluva lot better. Will likely vote for Weaver next time.


  4. Weaver has been focused on science for his adult life and I expect he will continue to make an important contribution to BC's political scene, even if he returns to work full time in academics. His written material is valuable and he speaks about what must be done to preserve the land for future generations.

    That point of view has been too little heard outside the university community.

    Being a capable political leader of a province – instead of being a mouthpiece for elites like the current Premier – requires experience and knowledge of a broad range of subjects and a person who is comfortable with the diverse groups and interests who demand attention. Weaver may gain that experience and capability but I think it is too early for him to have demonstrated readiness to address all subjects. Regardless, Weaver will be a valued contributor.

    One of the reasons that proportional representation is worthwhile is that it makes a broader range of skills available to government. Europeans often deal with coalitions where different parties work together and single-interest minorities are able to be heard but not to dominate government. People work together to compromise whereas in first-past-the-post system, one group can dominate with support of fewer than 40% of voters – and less than 20% of adults.

    The reality is that a new Premier must temper economics with environmentalism. We need opportunities for productive work but it must be done without harm to the land, air and water. Horgan's taking that approach, saying the best step is to ensure industrial activity is facilitated but with cautious management and oversight. For example, we can have land-based aquaculture but not open net fish farms that interfere with wild ocean stocks and we can produce lumber, pulp and paper from forests managed with first-rate silviculture and mills that add maximum value.


  5. Brandy…”Talks too fast”? We don't need a funeral director for a premier.

    I'd say he's got powerful pace and inflection in his speaking… and shows a great grasp of the issues.


  6. Norm I respect your opinions above all others on most problems we face. I would say sometimes the only voice of reason. However on this I disagree. Mr. Horgan is failing to oppose as others before him have done. It's time to hold him and his party accountable at least partly for what the liberals under Christy Clark have done. He should be showing himself as equally strong or preferably more strong than her but that is not the case.


  7. We don't have to agree. I just want people to think about issues and pay attention to original sources and not form opinions only from information filtered by others, particularly self-interested parties, like politicians and PR spin-masters.

    That's partly why I rely so much on audited financials and independent statistical reports. I read much material from professional and non-professional writers and journalists but I examine sources and rate credibility. I'm lucky also to have communications from people who are at the centre of events and can provide context and background. Sometimes, particularly if I don't have high confidence in my first impressions, I reach out to others for guidance.

    But, in the end, this site is one for opinions and I'm quite happy to hear yours and others. But, I believe we can voice any disagreements respectfully. By the way, in 45+ years of marriage, my wife and I have had at least one or two disagreements. Somehow, though, we get past those times when she's wrong, without lasting difficulty.


  8. I have to agree with both G.Barry Stewart and Brandy. Funny how ones bias seems to show in such a simple way. And this is not a knock, just an observation.

    I too, thought the Gatling gun delivery was at times difficult to keep up with but I understand the reasons for it. Just too much to cover in a 20 minute discussion a couple times a year. I’m glad he hit on all the points he did but really, he needs to take his show on the road. John Horgan’s understanding of the complexities of this province; how lives and livelihoods change in just a few miles, are second to none and people need to hear that. Otherwise, out comes the “Socialist Hordes” rhetoric at election time and the NDP are done.

    He built up such a head of steam over Translink, he had to stop, take a breath and declare the NDP is supporting the referendum, lest he be accused of a flip flop.


  9. The pace of elocution doesn’t tell the tale. The content does.

    We can judge the contrast when Christy sits for an interview with Mr. Jessop.

    Meanwhile Christy is taking lessons on how to respond effectively to the legitimate questions Mr. Jessop might ask if she ever finds the courage to show up. Her instructor is Marshawn Lynch.


  10. Horgan talks too fast, Really!———– Really! Isn't it about WHAT says rather than how fast he says it. I hope those who can't get a grip on what Horgan is saying don't have a drivers licence because if they do they are a danger to themselves, and more importantly, others on the road.
    Really, you didn't pickup on the 230 million $ tax break for those that need it least, or the now TWO Translink CEO's that are getting half a million each to muck up this travesty even more, or the fast talking??? creature we in BC call a Premier not showing up for work two days into a new session, or the debacle going on in the BC forests. Really! He talks too fast. My God, no wonder BC is whirling around the toilet bowel of political sewage ready for another flush.



  11. The BC NDP should say:

    “We are in favour of industries in BC which are sustainable, make sense economically and environmentally, and which would provide long-term benefits to British Columbians. That's why we are sceptical of LNG export and the Site C dam.”


  12. DON F.
    Horgan has just opposed for 20 minutes??? What part didn't you get?

    How does one oppose effectively when the Legislature doesn't sit for months at time and the corporate bought and paid for press reports nothing but fluff. And, when the Opposition does say something its twisted out of context and something from 20 years ago is regurgitated to blame them for the whole incident as in the Mount Polely thing.
    British Columbians should be blaming themselves for letting these mobsters pillage us for another 4 years.


  13. Here is the NDPs problem;
    I mentioned to a 40 something neighbour this morning that John Horgan had been on CFAX and he should listen to it. His response; “who's John Horgan?”


  14. I like John Horgan. Here is what he needs to do to become premier.

    Clean house. (Jenny “Disneyland” Kwan is a start)

    Clean house again. Get rid of all the hangers-on and professional second-placers that infest the NDP.

    Did I mention “clean house?”

    Be very specific about certain 'high value' issues. Take a stand. Don't be a politician – be a leader.

    Wash – Rinse – Repeat.


  15. I agree with everything you have stated and you have an accurate handle on some problems. I simply wished to point out that this is allowed to happen and part of that falls on the opposition party to right it. Yes Horgan just opposed for 20 minutes, I agree.
    I live in the okanagan and if not for Norm's site I would not have had access.
    I only express my opinion.


  16. I think Horgan does have the dial set on “wash” and not “wishiwash”……as long as the backroom career strategists don't reach in and change it. He has a few team members that are just as good at exposing follies and getting the facts out in an articulate manner. Let 'em loose as a government-in-waiting with a plan….and a leader.


  17. Exactly, keep the backroom boys where they belong, let the people out front, on the lines deal with the issues. Next, go after them, get viscious. Tear the liberals to pieces, leave no stone unturned…fry them politically at every opportunity, concentrated intelligent effort, use the ammo they have given you for the past 15 years. As well, clean house and redefine the party, articulate the true message, removal of the corpratists, the con artists, and halt the rape and pillage of this province by the bc liebrals. If you want to win, you have to beat these liberal clowns at their own game.Be a true opposition, not a bunch of wish washy, idealists. You can't afford the type of “show” that was put on last election. Grow some stones, get hardcore, and remove the blight from this province….


  18. I hope i'm wrong but this does seem like a Jekyl Hyde scene. How do those words equate to signing onto the Liberal LNG bill?
    I'm confused to say the least.


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