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BC Legislative Press Gallery searches for news

The account of a one small Alaskan newspaper holding a BC Minister to account for his misstatements of fact:

The Bleatings Of Bill Bennett…Not Just For Domestic Consumption Anymore

Now ask why BC journalists don’t ask the same questions…and why this takedown has generally been ignored by BC media properties that see themselves as partners with resource companies.

From Blog Borg Collective:

If Bennett had just kept his cool and ignored Juneau Empire Editor he could have kept British Columbian failed mining statistics on tailing pond practices to himself, thereby keeping the public in the dark, Americans too…

50+ years of pollution, Tulsequah Chief Mine

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  1. Mining Minister Bill Bennett: “… long tradition of respectful relations and co-operation between British Columbia and Alaska on mining development and environmental protection….” needs to show his sincere gratitude, not by words alone, but with 'a picture is worth a thousand words example'.



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