BC Liberals

They’re really good at ineptitude

Digital database incomplete, Justine Hunter, Globe & Mail, April 14, 2016

An $842-million project to transfer patient health-care records to an integrated, digital database has gone off the rails after three B.C. health authorities abandoned their contract with IBM, leaving 85 per cent of the job unfinished.

…Mr. Lake said a confidentiality agreement prevents him from explaining why the health organizations and the company “decided to part ways.”

…NDP Leader John Horgan, however, noted this is just the latest example in a string of B.C. government IT projects that have run into trouble. In another high-profile case, the province’s new $182-million computer system for welfare and child-protection services has been widely criticized for technical flaws, privacy risks and bigger workloads.

“Today, the people of British Columbia were shown the ineptitude of the B.C. Liberals when it comes to managing their dollars,” Mr. Horgan said.

I’m told the professionals involved saw this failure coming long ago. We must create a special gallery of BC Liberal megaprojects because they share common attributes:

Overdue – Overbudget – Off the Rails

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  1. The one that I remember is the one forced on our school districts. Saanichton made a 'homemade' system to integrate our school districts' student records for much less than a commercial system. Our school districts are forced to use the commercial one at a much higher cost than the made in BC one.


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