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Give them what they wanted, then give them even more


In April, listeners to Ian Jessop’s CFAX1070 program heard about how government pays more to facilitate mining than it receives in direct payments for metals and minerals. In the latter part of the audio segment, we discuss plans for secret agreements that will ensure future governments cannot retract gifts or favours granted to Liberal friends. The politicians who happily tore up public sector labour contracts don’t want that happening to their sponsors in the resource industry.

According to John Horgan, Christy Clark has “given companies what they wanted, then more, and now she wants the ability to give them even more tax breaks and long term deals without any public openness.”

Alberta, British Columbia and Norway each have approximately 5 million population. British Columbia has set aside zero from resource development; Alberta saved $18.2 billion from almost 70 years of petroleum production. Despite claims by multinational companies that they could not and would not pay significant resource taxes, the industry continued and Norway has accumulated $1.2 trillion of invested savings from oil and gas production.

Why the difference? It is explained simply: ruling Canadian politicians are in corporate pockets while governing Norwegian politicians have been committed to gaining a fair share of value for public resources.

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  1. The MSM is also in the back pocket of corporations. The usual culprits involved here, although they believe that their perspective is the “only” perspective. Sadly, this perverse arrogance from the corporate world via the MSM and particularly supportive political parties and governments, will continue. Change can only come from conscise “unbiased” reporting, true investigative work and ultimately intelligent commentary. Knowledge is power, educate the public “properly” and the “blight” of corpratist manipulation can and will be ended. This and many other independent blogs provide a desperately needed balance to the “one sided approach” currently being used by corpratists, and their political and MSM servants.


  2. I think we should use crowd source funding to put your charts and graphs on billboards around greater Vancouver so people can see were their money is really going.


  3. Maybe the industry sponsored BC Liberal front “ResourceWorks” will fund distribution of this material. Then again, maybe they won't, since they exist to ensure the situation continues.


  4. Great work Norm, and as the Alberta election showed with the internet, {you} showing {because the MMS would not publish} how Norway has gotten rich off their natural resources and how the Koch brothers have gotten fabulously wealthy off Alberta oil, while the residents of BC and Alberta have been RIPPED OFF by politicians who are bought and paid for by corporate interests for decades, change can be possible with a informed public! It will be interesting to see the caterwauling that is sure to come from the oil industry over changes to the status quo which the industry has bought and paid for.


  5. Rather unsettling info you provide in that excellent CFAX interview, Norm.

    Bill Bennett will legally be able to negotiate with state-owned Petronas, a company Fortune Global 500 ranks as the 12th most profitable in the world and the most profitable in Asia, on his lonesome old self. He will be able to enter into 25-year contracts with Petronas binding the Province of British Columbia without even advising its Executive Council and his actions won’t be subject to Freedom of Information legislation.

    What could possibly go wrong?


  6. Don't worry, the government's most secret agency, the Ministry of Graft and Corruption, is closely involved.

    Bill will be leaving to become Mayor of Jumbo Glacier, hosting skiers in the winter, grizzly hunters in the warmer months.


  7. That is scary stuff in your radio piece, Norm. Do they think they can just make this stuff up — then let someone take them to court (“Take a number!”) to prove that no… they can't do that?

    Is it possible that CC alone is thinking this stuff up?


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