Socialist hordes at the gates, this time for real

“Socialism: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government”

For years, leaders of the BC Business Party (AKA Social Credit or Liberal) echoed W.A.C. Bennett’s 1972 warning, “The socialist hordes are at the gates of British Columbia.”

Maclean’s Magazine reported in 1999 that Liberal leader Gordon Campbell “is promising to weed socialist apparatchiks from the civil service.”

ShepardIn 2010, Liberal campaigner Jim Shepard said, “You know, we lived through socialism in B.C. for 10 years. I know what it looks like and it is not pretty.”

Yes, it was not pretty. There was higher production of goods, more job growth and rising personal incomes, more affordable housing, accessible higher education and government supervised apprenticeship and training programs. These things don’t interest “free-enterprise” Liberals.

ColemanMay 2012, Liberal Rich Coleman told the Opposition in BC Legislative debates, “I know the socialist-communist thinking is that everything should be nationalized and controlled. If you had your way, you probably would nationalize mining, nationalize natural gas. You would nationalize everything, because you don’t believe in the private sector.”

Questioned by a newspaper columnist outside the Legislature, Coleman repeated his description of the NDP, “They’re socialists, they’re communists.”

Since then the minister of questionable transactions has had a change in thinking. Coleman is now a cheerleader for state ownership, but with conditions: the state involved must be foreign, preferably Asian, but definitely unaccountable and accustomed to secret dealings.

Besides taxpayer dollars, Coleman and friends are offering easy regulatory approvals, foreign-worker permits, cheap power, tax holidays, accelerated write-offs, subsidized natural gas and crown lands to help LNG proponents.

Who are the “socialist-communists” that Coleman is now keen to embrace? First in line is Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS), which is wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia, an Islamic nation with a flawed democracy and a reputation for official corruption. The Asian oil company – accountable solely to Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak – has delivered annual dividends to government of ten billion Canadian dollars in recent years but the nation faces mounting financial pressures. Budget deficits in each of the past 17 years have resulted in rapid debt growth and recent dedication to national austerity.

Other “socialist-communists” welcomed through Coleman’s doors are the state owned China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (Sinopec) and government owned Indian Oil Corporation. They are partnering with Petronas and Japan Petroleum Exploration Company (JAPEX), which was founded by government in 1955.

Liberal pals in corporate media can be counted on to repeat socialist disaster myths from the nineties but they go strangely silent when BC Liberals promote foreign owned socialist enterprises. They are hostile to public enterprise when the owner is British Columbia but BC Liberals show unbounded enthusiasm for investing borrowed money in ventures owned by undemocratic and corrupt foreign governments. Perhaps it is because Premier Clark and Minister Coleman prefer deeds done in the shadows, particularly if the shadows are overseas.

Supporting foreign governments flush with cash might be sensible if there was to be a flow of significant economic benefits and a commitment to clean renewable energy. However, no benefits were guaranteed to BC, only costs.

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  1. Indeed, we live in evil times.

    The electorate have been fooled by the yellow journalism found in the mainstream media and are sleepwalking into a fascist state where, “El Supremo” rules with an iron fist.

    Yes, Canada has devolved into a third world state where democracy is used as a ruse for dictatorship. The “El supremo” and his/hers minions are slowly selling off great portions of Canada to organized crime from oligarchs abroad. Casinos and real estate ar used to launder money, while the locals are duped to pretend that this is good for the economy, but where in reality it is slowly enslaving the populace to a lifetime of debt and unhappiness.

    Canada has become a parody of itself, where a lone crazed gunman, due to the sheer incompetence of the RCMP, stormed parliament hill has now lead to draconian, Soviet style loss for freedom and hard won civil rights. By comparison, a major drug war in Surrey, leaving scores dead or wounded and the local population terrified, goes almost unnoticed by “El Supremo's”, who is ignoring his financial backers turf wars.

    O Canada, where hast thou gone?


  2. Most throw the term around not knowing a whit what they talk about. Your quote as to what it is is so far from what we had in BC it's laughable. Fear is the great motivator and for most it still works. Talk to any you all south of the 49th and they think the same thing, or worse.


  3. What we have here is desparate people, doing desperate things, in desparate times. With a massive deficit the BC Liberals are willing to grovel for anyone, yes even the “socialist hordes” to get the LNG fiscal “fiasco” started. As you noted above, the royalty agreements and tax agreements, essentially amount to nothing, a complete sellout of the resource. Farce begets farce, these people continue to bend their truth to their circumstance while the rest of us watch in utter disbelief, that a so called neocon “liberal” government would stoop to these low depths, to get any kind of LNG project started. I am really surprised that Sheppard isn't out shouting to the world that the BC Libs can do just about anything, including dealing with the socialist hordes he abhors so much. Anyone who can read a business journal and commodity chart, will tell you this LNG train left the station when old Gordo, was spinning his way through the political landscape in this province.
    An incredible waste of time, hot air, and whatever else you want to call the BC Liberal antics, or what passes for incredibly ridiculous governance in this province. Wait…this just in….Bills 5 and 11 on the legislative docket may be their savior! Turns out they may not be held responsible for this mess when it goes south, these bills seek to limit responsibility and or liability in government decision making. Makes one wonder if they are planning for the inevitable failure of this “fast buck” venture.
    Socialist Hordes nothing, we have the makings of a first class communist government right here in BC. These people will do anything and I mean anything, to screw over the tax payers, and won't take responsibility for it, in this province..what a complete crock!


  4. In response to Anonymous' question June 8, 2015, @ 2:03 in your previous post Norman, Hudson Mews v. Portland Hotel Society, I think we've found “Where?” Richie Rich Coleman is keeping it.


  5. Agreed.
    Growing the GDP is how Govt plans to deal with all the debt, and LNG export is seen as a way to grow the GDP.
    Except that exporting LNG from BC makes no sense.


  6. How ironic that they are warning us of the socialist horde when they themselves are suckling from the taxpayers teat and will suckle on until death with their eventual government pensions.

    This group operates as subtle as a pile driver down by the river on a quiet night.


  7. Scotty's dictionary (unpublished) says “Socialism: a way of organizing certain important public enterprises, controlled and owned by society, and administered by government.” I guess it can also be a loaded term to some degree, all the way from Scotty's benign definition to “the only good commie is a dead commie”.

    But it's a funny kind of word. My buddy Del Phillips and I were invited to perform with the Seattle Labor [sic] Choir down to their Northwest Folk Festival couple years ago after having opened for them up here in Canada. Great people, wonderful hosts and great choristers, very proud of— and dedicated to—, all things labor, organized or otherwise, commemorating their own country's long history of trade unionism. But just say the word “socialism” or “socialist”, and the whole room goes quiet, could hear a pin drop. Of course Del and I had a bit of fun with our American cousins on this account, but, I'll tell ya, just nobody down there uses that word, not even those who we'd call up here dyed-in-the-wool “socialists”.

    I often remind that Socred Premier WAC Bennet, that famous red-baiting free-enterpriser, nationalized the private ferry fleet and the electric companies. Conversely, NDP Premier Dave Barrett legislated several concurrently striking unions, to which the Socred Opposition alleged he was beholden, back to work. So Coleman's attempt to nail this jello-like term down is laughable.


  8. Agreed. Red-baiting done by the BC Business Party is designed to reinforce a portion of their base and it's not taken serious by most. However, it's fun to point at hypocrisy anywhere you find it.

    It is not just Liberals who hate socialism but love to put hands into the wallets of socialists. One of the largest shareholders in Teck Resources is the communist government of China. Yet, publicly, the Keevils have been proud supporters of the red-baiting Liberals.


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