Change begins in Alberta

A new approach:

“We can work together. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Today, our political and party system cries out for renewal. We can listen to each other and build on each other’s best ideas. We need to return to a respectful relationship with this land’s indigenous peoples.”

Restore education and health as provincial priorities

“Alberta’s new government will reintroduce a fair and progressive tax system, and restore stable support for health and education in order to do exactly that.”


“This province needs to demonstrate real leadership on the environment and on climate change.”

Economic diversity:

“Alberta’s new government will also be a good partner with job creators – with entrepreneurs, with small business, with credit unions and co-ops, and with the great enterprises we have built together.”

Restore fairness to government revenue:

“Corporate taxes on the largest and most profitable corporations in Alberta will be increased from 10 per cent to 12 per cent. Small business taxes will remain at the current rate – 3 per cent. And progressive income taxes will be reintroduced in Alberta for those earning more than $125,000 a year.

“We need to review how the people of Alberta – including our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many years from now – will be rewarded for the development of their own energy resources.”

Ban political donations by unions and corporations

“Our political system has been far, far too dependent on funds from a narrow range of donors with deep pockets, and too removed from the interests of ordinary people.”

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