BC Liberals

Blood on their hands

An earlier In-Sights article included:

I have no doubt BC Liberal involvement with Big Pharma is at the root of high-level government decisions to knee-cap research into the safety and efficacy of more than $25 billion worth of pharmaceuticals sold each year in Canada.

Writing in the Vancouver Observer, family practitioner Dr. Warren Bell emphasizes and enlarges upon my inference:

B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her senior ministers are using every tactic in the book to avoid any sort of public disclosure of what happened behind the scenes when eight health researchers were illegitimately fired, one after the other, in the fall of 2012.

As a family physician for nearly 40 years, I have watched the pharmaceutical industry infiltrate into political and regulatory structures, as part of the general corporatization of society. What the Liberal government is now doing is simply one more example of how bought-and-sold officials sustain this pernicious process…

The relationship between the BC Liberals and Big Pharma had already been clearly mapped out years ago, with the formation of the Pharmaceutical Task Force, whose nine members were dominated by drug industry representatives, including — astonishingly — Russell Williams, “president of Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D)…

When the report of this body was finally released, it became clear that its primary purpose was to either destroy or severely limit an organization that had become a thorn in Big Pharma’s side. This was the UBC-based Therapeutics Initiative, a research body with a stellar international reputation for cutting through drug industry hype and delivering accurate information about drug effectiveness and hazards. It was, for example, the first group to question the safety of Vioxx, which was eventually taken off the market in 2004 because of severe harm to the heart.

Its withdrawal also caused $28 billion damage to the bottom line of its manufacturer Merck.

Christy Clark is using every political and legal tool at her disposal to cover up what really happened since the fall of 2012. The public needs to know if the premier’s longstanding support for the bottom line of the drug industry and resulting hostility toward industry critics influenced these firings.

…The context for this debacle clearly suggests that the relationship between Big Pharma and Christy Clark and her ministers is obscured by government obstructionism…

The only suitable outcome in this matter is for an outraged citizenry to exert relentless pressure on the provincial government, compelling it to come clean and allow the real story to be told.

Anything less will be a perversion of natural justice, and a continuation of business — big business — as usual.

Dr. Bell provides a prescription that might alter the current outbreak of Liberal obfuscation. A real cure requires the dedication to reform shown by Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. The first bill introduced by her new government banned corporate and union contributions to political parties. The same response is vitally needed in British Columbia. As we’ve seen, lives depend on the change.

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  1. Links Rx&D

    Conservative Government Sites Canadian Institutes of Health Research Rx&D

    BC Liberal Government Index Link to Rx&D

    2 Rx&D Bad Request!!!!!!!

    3 Update Rx&D Server Error!!!!!

    19 C.D. Howe Institute Commentary Rx for Canada: close the Internet pharmacies / Aidan Hollis and Aslam Anis 2004 The Rx&D Response Page 14 of 24

    If retail drug imports become legal in the U.S., how will the pharmaceutical manufacturers, individually, and acting as a group through their industry associations, Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies ( Rx&D) and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) react? They will have several options. They can attempt to set prices in Canada and the United States that will not lead to arbitrage — this implies prices becoming fairly similar. Alternatively, they can try to stop the cross-border shipments of drugs. A final approach is to tolerate the arbitrage while keeping prices different. SNIP

    22 Welcome to the CIHR/Rx&D Progress Report 2002


  2. Christy Clark wants to destroy both our public health car system and our public education system. We must work very hard to stop the distraction of our society and toss her out in the next election.


  3. Again, it is alternative media that connects the dots and states the obvious. Meanwhile, with a few notable exceptions, the pro-pundits are water carriers for government, pretending that getting to the truth will cost too much, learn too little and encounter too many uncertainties.

    In fact, for Big Pharma there are billions at stake and they are prepared to toss millions at the people who will keep the status quo.

    If a complete inquiry into management of the pharmaceutical industry cost $25 million that would be a small fraction of what BC citizens spend on prescription drugs.


  4. Agreed, not only toss her and the rest of the clowns out, but rescind as much of the “legislation of malfeasance” as possible, and launch corruption enquiries into BC Rail, BC LNG, and now BC Big Pharma.
    The “sickening descent” of this province into a kleptocratic and malfeasance ridden joke, is disgusting to most hard working British Columbians. Only those that profit by the malfeasance see nothing wrong.
    On this Canada day, we should all pause and recommit to living in a province and indeed a country, where the type of governance we are witnessing in BC, is shunned and not tolerated in the least.
    Cost of enquires? As a taxpayer, I can truly say that it would be worth it…the truth always is. The resulting outcome would hopefully be a government of complete transparency, and the removal or jailing of the perpetrators after the enquiries. It “is” the only way, to end this crap.


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