The reason you can’t see to the bottom…

is because there’s so much life.

Despite growing up on the coast of British Columbia, I’ve not yet learned enough about our marine environment and the people who’ve lived here for ten thousand years or more. This summer, with the sagging Canadian dollar, a vacation in our own province makes more sense than ever.

We’re headed to the northern half of Vancouver Island so activity at In-Sights will be limited for a week or so. Our plan is travel north from Campbell River to Telegraph Cove, Port McNeill and Alert Bay. We’ll be on the water with Mackay Whale Watching and I’m hoping we’ll find time to catch a salmon or two and introduce 8 and 9 y.o. grandchildren to a different world than what we experience in the city.

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  1. Enjoy your holiday and I hope the weather co-operates and that you have a great time. You desrve a break Norm and I'm sure many of us will look forward to your return & more interesting & well researched articles.

    Guy in Victoria


  2. Enjoy your getaway Norm.
    There is some great history in those parts.
    Be a shame to be so close and not stop in at Sointula.


  3. Have a great holiday Norm..you deserve it. Your revelations and researched topics on this blog are second to none. We have all benefited greatly from your ” insights”.
    We look forward to your return, and upcoming stories..take care..and thank you.


  4. “tight lines and straight shooting”…..I was very young but remember when CKNW had truly honourable commentators….wonder what Ted Peck would have to say about all the goings on in our local waters


  5. I listed to Ted Peck every week on radio years ago. He did a 90 minute Sunday program on CKWX throughout the sixties and did a TV show “Tides & Trails” as well.He died in 2001 and friends said his main aim in life had been to teach others to enjoy the outdoor life. One of BC's legendary characters.


  6. I'm pretty sure your connection to Stillwater would give you at least some interest in railroad logging, Norm. Beaver Cove and Nimpkish Lake are loaded with RR history including a “Locie” on the lake bottom. We lived at Beach Camp in the 40s when the Japanese sawmill workers and their families were shamefully rounded up.

    Telegraph Cove, as you will learn has been reborn several time over the past century or so.

    Our coast is full of real pioneer stories that all our grandchildren and even more adults, should be made aware of.
    Good for you.



  7. I worked at a fishing tackle shop in Port Coquitlam for a few years. In the nineties. Ted Peck worked there part time. He taught me a lot. My first fly fishing lesson was in Anmore outside his home. He had a cigarette dangling from his mouth,a glass of whiskey in one hand and fly rod in the other. Ahhhh Ted. I miss you. Joanne


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