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Premier should admit LNG dream is dead, David Bond, Kelowna Daily Courier, October 5, 2016:

The evidence is now overwhelming. B.C.’s current energy policies, centred on the LNG export strategy and BC Hydro’s Site C, are likely to fail at great cost to taxpayers.

Under regulations set by the provincial government, LNG development will result in significant emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Moreover, liquefying the gas once it reaches tidewater to enable shipment overseas will more than double the pollution produced because the province has approved burning gas to power the cooling operation.

In short, our clean air policy has been sacrificed to the LNG dream…


Note: Also published in Vancouver Sun, October 5.

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  1. In short, our clean air policy has been sacrificed to the LNG dream…

    But wait, there's more…

    The gas burned in Asia will hit land first in… Yes, BC.


  2. Finally, someone has identified the “elephant in the room”, the BC liberals have been avoiding for the past year.
    Its tough to focus on an argument, that is 20 years too late and indeed, shows the inept ability of a group of political “hacks” to understand basic economic theory. Seems”Miss Powder puff and the gang that coud not shoot straight” have finally been called on for what they truly are.
    The “lottery mentality”, that has been the mantra for LNG, Site C, IPP's and a host of “big, fast buck” promises, is just that…pie in the sky.
    And these people say they can manage an economy….really, come on now, wake up , smell the coffee, and perhaps call an election. Your out of idea's, fast buck cons, and of course out of your depth in the real world.
    How's that Petronas deal working out for yah? Nothing like a good third world corrupt regime, to get the attention of the Justice departments in numerous jurisdictions, especially when financial transactions occur just after signing political deals eh? Its getting real interesting.
    What's next? Another political road show to India, or perhaps Malaysia to cement that new relationship with corrupt regimes?
    Birds of a feather, and you are who you hang with….interesting. Great post Norm!


  3. The conclusion is one the facts make quite obvious but I'm surprised the Vancouver Sun republished Mr. Bond's column.

    The newspaper needs to find more voices who aren't drinking and regurgitating Victoria's bathwater.


  4. Why doesn't the BCUC file for an injunction to stop issuing IPP licences, suspend undeveloped licences (the great majority of them), and suspend existing production until environmental issues can be addressed?


  5. Great question Scotty! If not the BCUC pulleese nominate someone! Its not as if this is a sudden revelation. The facts have been known (to the rest of us) for some time now. Somebody please read the news to Chrispy.


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