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Investing our money in companies that kill us








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  1. John's aghast in the previous blog; “…there is no mechanism to check/stop it! How long can this continue? Until the next election…?”

    John, I keep asking the same thing. Why is this allowed? I get blank stares. Shrugs.

    Norm Farrell in the previous blog; ”
    “Remember when the fast ferry fiasco was happening? The media was relentless…”

    Norm, I have extended family who are from another country but have become Canadian citizens. They were not here during any of the NDP years in power, yet they constantly tell ME, what a disaster those times were. Fast Ferries is at or near top of their list.

    I can't do anything. John can't do anything. The MSM, the RCMP and the NDP won't do anything.
    Maybe it is time to organize the…
    Ferrell, Mackin & Mair Travelling Roadshow.

    I'm sure that would get some attention and I would help in any way I could.


  2. none of this ought to surprise anyone who has followed the B.C. Lieberals act. if we look back we do have B.C. Rail, el gordo's drunk driving charges, children living at 50% of the poverty level, clawing back support children receive from their non custodial parent, no raise for the disabled, homelessness, medical care going down hill, mental health on the skids. investing in corporations which provide products which kill us, oh what a surprise. this is a government which has in the not too recent past has had 4 children die in care and still nothing has changed.

    Its almost as if this government deals in killing its citizens. Let nothing stand in the way of a photo op with 5 dead tourists, but no comment when kids die in care. It is really about time the B.C. Lieberals take a hike, just like steve and his cons. We had to wait for an election federally, but b.c. does have a recall system. given no one seems interested in dealing with this, it would be reasonable to conclude the people of b.c.are just O.K. with all this death. Wait until it happens to them or theirs and then we'll see how well it works for them.


  3. “Its almost as if this government deals in killing its citizens.” Citizens are expendable. We can always import a few more. I've stopped blaming the government. There are no checks and balances, so why not continue with their perfidious programme? We, other than a few commentators, never even voice our concerns. Let alone DO anything about it. 'We have met the enemy, and it is us!'
    I agree with Hogwash – its time to get the Farrell, Mackin, Mair, Hogwash & Aghast Show on the road.


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