What gas industry?

Note: Numbers from monthly summaries of Crown Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights Public Tenders, adjusted to 2015 dollars.

It should be noted that the current year’s budget for Gas Development Ministry spending is $444 million. So with the huge subsidies by tax expenditures and substantial political attention paid recently to extractive industries in British Columbia, the province must enjoy huge benefits through employment, right?

Not according to Statistics Canada CANSIM Table 282-0007:

Note: Mining provides about half the jobs with oil and gas employing the other half. Nearly all activity involves natural gas since there is a relatively small amount of crude oil produced.

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  1. This demonstrates that the BC Liberals had information prior to the 2013 election showing a steady and severe drop in the purchase of the rights to extract gas; a clear indication of a major downturn in the industry going forward. Despite having that information at hand, they promised 100,000 jobs would soon be created due to natural gas industry expansion and hundreds of billions would flow into government coffers to pay off our debt and establish a multi-billion dollar heritage fund. Christy’s well-paid girlfriend Pamela even cited trillions of dollars coming our way.

    Those promises would therefore seem born of extreme incompetence, or a deliberate lie.


  2. An important point. Liberals now claim LNG prospect are real, just a little premature.

    The industry has already voted. They closed their cheque books, except for payments to the Liberal Party.


  3. Sun gumshoe Vaughn Palmer has a 'piece' out today noting the first shipment offshoring of LNG from the US Gulf Coast. He compares this history with the road blocked and stalled status of the promised (and much hyped) game changer industry promoted here in BC. Palmer sympathetically sketches the frustrations that have stalled BC front runner Petronas failed delivery for Christy on her Liberal party campaign (hyper projections). More same old – same old 'deja veu' composting by the Dean.

    I am pretty sure I have read this story by Palmer before – could it be a repeat piece from his vault just updated to the inaugural US LNG shipment? All very light weight neutral/ friendly analysis, a middle of the road presentation, more a simplified and dull paint by thenumbers puff piece. Palmer continues to pump the Liberal's tires. I hope he is enjoying his retirement.

    Considering the stakes,Is this too over the top?



  4. It's been a while since I have read anything as damning and direct as Lew's comment above.

    Lew, the first word that came to mind was “Huckster.”

    Once again, I will pass this along to various friends, family and neighbours but will hear the sighs and sense the rolling eyes before I hit send.

    I don't know how I can get people to read, let alone grasp this stuff.

    Thanks Lew.


  5. From the article linked above in Hugh's comment: “The Ministry of Children and Family Development will get more money if that is what an independent review calls for — but the money will only be available if the economy has grown, says B.C. Premier Christy Clark.”

    From a CBC article October 20, 2015:

    Clark said B.C.'s economic strength has no parallel in Canada right now, making the western province particularly important to Ottawa. “We are a safe harbour in a very, very stormy economic front across the country,” said Clark. “We are thriving and growing where most provinces are shrinking.”

    So our economic strength has no parallel in Canada, we are a safe economic harbour, and our economy is thriving and growing. But there’s no money for kids. Because the BC Liberal cronies beat them to it.

    Christy can’t help herself; proven as she is to be shameless. But why won’t the BC Liberal caucus speak up? And why won’t the traditional local media types ask them?


  6. I sent an email to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers today after noting this claim on their pages:

    CAPP website

    “$1.5 billion – in payments industry made for the use of British Columbia's resources in 2014/15”

    This is a substantial overstatement of the industry's direct contribution to the provincial treasury. CAPP acknowledged the request and promise to respond at a later time.


  7. Hello Norm
    CAPP has a BC rep named Geoff Morrison. Maybe he can help with some information on the difference. Just like in the old Crisco ads…It all comes back except for one tablespoon. Maybe also ask CAPP why they don't make some of the huge amount of gas available for things like LNG Vehicles and maybe build some co-gen plants. They need to stop whining about poor sales when they won't make the stuff available for domestic use other than home heating.


  8. Seems the BC premier and the Minister of Natural Gas, along with the entourage of “sparkle ponies” keep throwing “fairy dust” in the forlorn hope that the ever lengthening timeline for our “billion dollar LNG industry” will somehow miraculously appear. What does she think…4 maybe 5 more election wins before the big day arrives? Waste of time and money. The industry has evolved beyond where the original 2013 plans started. The economics and indeed world requirements have changed to negative. This is what happens when the ill-informed and people without real experience or industry knowledge, attempt something completely out of their depth. Mind you their “handlers” really did think that the fix could've worked, I'll bet…..just a personal opinion.


  9. If I tried something like that when I was a youth I'd have been sent to my room with no supper. (That was a long time ago, food was rationed and we had a large family – so it wasn't cruel and unusual punishment, as it might appear today.) You just don't speak out of both sides of your mouth!


  10. I see where John Horgan is promising that, come election time, he plans to get tough with the premier over her record.

    Why does it have to wait until election time?
    Norm is doing the heavy lifting for him and he should be on the attack now and every day forward.

    Again, Lew's comment should be a huge focus for the NDP. We know Christy has a serious struggle with honesty and if she deliberately lied to us and knew she was lying, that puts her in the ranks of Gordon “no HST” Campbell.

    So many lies, so little time.

    C'mon John, time's a wastin'.


  11. Yes Lew's comment must become the lightening rod for the NDP and John Morgan to grasp the obvious. Yes we've all been lied to. Now the truth can be brought forward, neatly just use Norm Farrells research data. It doesn't get any easier..its a no brainer, the Liberals are caught in a lie that the cannot get out of. Time to step up John…the demise of the Liberals is being handed to you….take charge now, don't wait!


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