Fluid mechanics

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  1. The flow under the bridge is the one the BC Liberals have been told to improve by their masters. When the public pays a toll to get to the next bottleneck quicker, they'll be able to watch the outbound coal shipments passing underneath. That's the traffic flow that should be tolled.


  2. Why do we need a new $3.5 billion 10-lane bridge? Because Growth.
    Why do we need a new $9 billion Site C dam? Because Growth.
    Why is BC's total provincial debt growing at over $2 billion every year? Because Growth.
    BC's total provincial debt is projected to be $69 billion by 2017.
    As long as GDP and population grow at the same rate as debt growth, debt/GDP and debt/capita will stay the same. No worries, right?
    Is this insane?


  3. another bridge we will have to avoid. there will be a lot of traffic up on the Alex Fraser.

    The proposed bridge has been planed for a long time. All that road work wasn't to improve traffic flow for the tunnel. All that farm land in Ladner will be removed from the ALR and housing built. The developers and foreign corporations will be ever so happy. Its just if China needs those big ships to go up our rivers to get our coal and we have the Paris agreement, how will B.C. justify exporting all that coal to anywhere? What if the federal government in an attempt to meet is climate change goals out laws the export of it or puts a high carbon tax on it? Just asking.

    Now I'm sure Christy and her cabal will say the bridge is required to “grow the economy” My question is, if the bridge will help “grow the economy”, will welfare and disability rates increase once the bridge is finished?


  4. Does anyone think that sprawl is excellent urban planning?

    It is possible to have population growth and improved cities but BC Liberals are guided by the business demands of the construction industry and land developers they serve, not by urban planners, professionals who don't show up with bags of cash to support the party and its leaders.


  5. The entire Gordon Campbell tenure has been to reward business with railways, new highways, new bridges and getting land out of the ALR. Urban planning is not in the liberals lexicon.


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