BC Hydro

Why the rush to spend billions?

BC Hydro’s own sales records demonstrate Site C is not needed. Domestic consumption of electricity has been flat for more than a decade and technological efficiencies indicate we will need less power, not more in the near future. This is proven by looking at the trend line of per capita consumption of domestic power for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Experts know that efficiencies can lead to dramatic improvements in energy conservation. As an example, in the last dozen years, passenger car fuel useage has improved by about 30% for each kilometre travelled. By using new lighting technology and converting to more efficient electric motors, similar improvements are already possible in electricity consumed by business and residential customers.

We must ask why the BC Liberal government intends to spend billions of dollars for unneeded generating capacity. Who is to benefit? Who is to pay the costs? We must also ask why they rush; why they cannot wait for resolution of current court actions brought by opponents of the project.

This news release was issued by some of the citizens directly affected by Site C.

“…before the court cases are even heard, BC Hydro is destroying the very valley that these court cases are intended to protect.”


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  1. See BC Rail:

    Take a sure money maker,
    load it with debt,
    tell the world it's a money loser,
    sell to friends,
    crap over anybody who questions your wisdom,
    Get endlessly re-elected !!


  2. Why the rush you ask? I think because monuments serve the interests of certain people more than anything else. The cost of Site C will certainly go up. Let's say around 10 Billion to be conservative. The benefits, if any, will likely not be known. Ever. Book keeping will take care of that. 10 Billion put into anything say reducing student debt, education programs, health care plus anything else doesn't give the Pols anything to point at other than statistics. They need a monument. The Pharaohs did it, but the payoff in tourism didn't come until 1000s of years later. I don't think I can wait that long. In the meantime BC burns.


  3. Norm, I believe the rush with this project is because there is a significant chance that the BC Lieberals will not get re-elected next year. By proceeding with the construction agreements now will obligate BC Hydro and the citizens of to pay the full cost of this project whether it gets built or not. It is a win-win arrangement for the likes of SNC Lavalin at the expense of the BC electorate, a damaged environment, loss to the local indigenous people and the loss of class 1 and 2 farmland.


  4. The BC Liberals are desperate to see GDP growth. That's how they deal with the massive, growing debt. Site C and LNG exports are seen as growing the GDP, even though neither make any sense economically or environmentally.


  5. The “fools paradise” is now noticeably more “debt ridden” than after the last “con job” that the “sparkle pony brigade” called an election. True to form the miscreants, are now loading the province with more debt, that makes no economic sense, serves only their agenda and enriches their closest supporters. We the taxpayers, are a captive and powerless group with no recourse, no formal means of removing these clowns short of an election, and no legal or political means to halt what can only be seen as outright malfeasance and mismanagement of our resources both fiscal and otherwise. In any other country in the world..these clowns would have been stopped by whatever means possible…long before this mess was created…only in Canada, do we have a system, where organized crime can infiltrate a serving government, and no “official” agency investigate, and stop such criminal activity. Unbelievable!


  6. One thing that i have learned in the last few years is that every public official that draws a pension from said public should be forced to show every account ,EVERY account in their or their family's name that they are able to draw any amount of funds from. Arthur Porter told me this in a dream i had.


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