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BC Jobs Plan, less than full disclosure

I’m often critical of corporate media but there is still some sharp work being done, even by people outside the major urban centres of BC. Here’s an example:


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  1. Yes hats off to the Alaska Highway News and to you too Norm as always.

    It is really interesting that this small newspaper that serves Dawson Creek, Fort Saint John and the whole North East region of BC and bordering Alberta is thriving. The reports and stories that I have read have shown a much more investigative and independent content and editorial. In the ProMedia stereotype 'red neck' north I think there is an appreciation and demand for varied viewpoints, honest reporting as opposed to lockstep hack hash.

    I hope this paper is in fact truly independent and thriving.


    the Promedia stereotype ' red neck' north

    Is this regional voice an independent? I hope they are and that they are doing well.


  2. This changes nothing! Except now we won't have any idea how many Spaniards and Koreans are on site. If they've already exhausted the local labour (450 of those onsite are local, the rest are not!) what are they going to do when Acciones and Samsung ramp up in the Spring? We won't know! Smart move Chrispy!


  3. Haven't seen a TFW report on the Chinese mine in Tumbler Ridge lately. I always wondered how that mine was going to get the rail and port capacity to move 6m tonnes a year of coal when the other mines were moving an equivalent amount and having trouble with capacity. No need to wonder any more. Shut down those Canadian employed mines and…..poof….capacity. Welcome to Christy's BC.


  4. New and Improved TFW scrubbed out



    The Original TFW CACHED version job description

    Creating the monthly Temporary Foreign Worker Report

    Assisting in the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Processes.
    Securing required applicant personal details for required TFW process.
    Assisting External Consultants in completing forms and compiling information from employees.
    When required, assist in the transition of TFW’s to Permanent Residents.

    Knowledge of TFW Options and Requirements.



  5. I sent the link to Vaughn Palmer with the snide comment that it took a “foreign” paper to give us the news. He replied with a “thanks for the link, Johnny Wakefield does good work for the AHN.” I thought of replying with so what's your excuse but didn't bother. Too sad.


  6. This is what Mr. Palmer wrote yesterday:

    “Pointedly, one of (Gordon) Campbell’s first moves was to exempt Site C from further consideration by the B.C. Utilities Commission.

    But the project (Site C) was subjected to environmental review by a joint federal-provincial panel, which in the spring of 2014 found that BC Hydro “has not fully demonstrated the need for the project on the timetable set forth.”

    Underscoring the uncanny echo of what the BCUC had found 30 years earlier, the joint review panel recommended that given the apparent lack of urgency, the project should be sent to a review by — you guessed it — the utilities commission.”



  7. It is becoming a well worn phrase that,” We need growth to keep building the economy of BC”, or words to that effect, from the Premier and her band of “sparkle pony riders”
    It would appear that we, the public” need to raise and encourage new brands of reporting and the type of individual above who is with the Alaska Highway News. Unsullied and unfettered by the political smoke and mirrors in the lower mainland, this individual put forward what's really wrong in this province. The main news media, has been bought and paid for, in much the same way the BC Liberal party has. We call our political system a democracy….it is no longer. Words are hollow, when defining concepts and values become meaningless to those in governance. I have always maintained that “criminal behavior” in governance, can be seen as a crime against ones country. Economic “sell outs”, be it resources, jobs or “political manipulations through “non transparent negotiation” to any foreign governments “or corporations” are economic subversion, and even a form of capitulation to a foreign power. The public seems to be powerless, laws are rewritten and subverted by polital parties, that are not serving their constituents, but only their economic masters.
    We need more brazen reporting, unbiased and factual, such as what you Norm, the gentleman above and many bloggers provide.
    We are being governed by a “criminal organization” in this province under the guise of a political party, the proof of which, if one would care to look exists. An opinion only, but one I'm sure that is shared by many….


  8. We “need” GDP growth because that's how the government deals with its massive, growing debt. They look at the debt to GDP ratio – if GDP grows, the ratio stays the same. Federal govt is doing the same thing.


  9. Agreed Hugh, the problem creates an illusion however. The truth is actual wealth is being lost due to the mentality of making a bad situation look good. Once the “real” wealth is gone, or the “truth ” revealed, the debt will be far to large to deal with, by “traditional means”. We the taxpayers and citizens are left with an incredible financial burden, for generations, while a relative few of the “economic criminal element”, reap profits off the backs of the rest of us. How long before the “house of cards” collapses?
    Since “deregulation of economies” and the “abdication of government responsibilty” to “regulate and manage economic benefits for citizens”, a subversive form of capitalism has taken hold. Governments only serve their “masters”, those with the ability to pay. The rest of the citizenry, is just along for the ride, and will get the “bill” when the nightmare of fiscal reality comes due.


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