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British Columbia Hansard, March 1, 2016

Judy Darcy, MLA, New Westminster:

9af2d-darcy1Last February, we raised the latest IT failure under this Liberal government — the debacle of the clinical system’s transformation project in Health. This $840 million project had gone off the rails, and the contractor, a little company called IBM, had walked away from it.

Well, in the fine fashion of Liberal failures, this one has become even worse. Sources at Vancouver Coastal Health now tell us that the project will cost another $250 million and go well over a billion dollars. That’s billion with a “b.” These are precious health care dollars that are being squandered at a time when home support for seniors is being cut.

Can the Health Minister tell us if he intends to cut care for seniors even further to pay for his government’s latest computer technology failure?

Terry Lake, MLA, Kamloops-North Thompson:

You know, I’m almost speechless… (non sequiturs follow)

Judy Darcy:

Every time we raise this debacle about the clinical and systems transformation project, the minister acts like everything is just fine or he completely ignores the question, as he did just now.

When IBM walked away last spring, the minister came up with a notable analogy. “This marriage didn’t work out,” the minister said, “but the children are beautiful.”

Well, it seems he was wrong on that score too. Sources now tell us that this project will be delayed to at least October 2017, that it will cost more and it will be scaled back.

So just to be clear, last May in estimates, the minister said the project would still cost $840 million, that it would be delayed for a year but that it would go live in October of 2016. Is that what the minister is still telling this House today?

Terry Lake:

This is a complex project. No question about it. Blow’d up good, blow’d up real good!”


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  1. It's a good thing the Liberals are such adept business manager. If they weren't, we might have lost even more than a billion.


  2. its only tax dollars so it doesn't matter. Just because more people didn't get their surgery, it doesn't matter. they can wait. Our friends need the tax dollars for our edifices to ourselves.

    A billion here, a billion there. It doesn't matter. as long as Christy has her private jets, we've go our cushie jobs with the $12K a year housing allowance who cares. If kids in B.C. aren't eating proper meals its O.K. we have ours and that is all that matters. So first responders are killing themselves at a rate higher than other parts of the country, who cares, Christy needs her private jets and IBM needed that money. Kids die in care. it doesn't matter. We have to give the film industry $600M; the music industry $15M, tech industry $100M and then billions to the IPPs. Its all those industries who support us the B.C. Lieberals that are important, not kids, not disabled people. Don't worry if the debts get to high we can declare bankruptcy.

    I do hope there is a special place in hell for the B.C. Lieberals and Christy Clark. O.K. that's bad, for an atheist to say.


  3. As a senior IT manager at the start of the Campbell government, it is no surprise to me that this kind of money is squandered.

    We had clearly identified there was no business case for several pet projects, including the massive out-sourcing of IT support. There was absolutely no desire for any long-term planning, or any real goal of saving tax-payers money.

    But all the senior managers tasked with analyzing out-sourcing/privatization were told their efforts were wasted as the political level was proceeding on their plans, hell or high water!

    Instead of the situation improving, it appears to be getting worse. But at least we BCers' have LNG to save us, right?


  4. The corporate friends are behind all of this, a few corrupt insiders, add criminal intent to the mix and as fast as you can say BC Liberal, you have organized white collar crime. Many people have been “paid to look the other way”, my guess is the number is staggering and somewhere down the chain, involves “real” organized crime as well.
    We do have the corporate donation list…its a start, look for lobbyists etc., next, insiders might be a tad more challenging…..


  5. yes, the solution is now becoming clear as MDs can now increase the number of patients they can see per hour. so if you thought that the Dr. at the clinic was racing the cattle through the gates fast before, just you wait…


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