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Time for action

A reader comment in a preceding article:

We all have to be ‘shovel ready’ for the upcoming election and ‘Turf the Liberals’.There will be massive 1%er sponsored support and corporate funded advertorials all focused on reelecting their team. They will shower us with our own money and ‘new promises’. Liberal captured media will support their record and attack any possibility of change and better governance. Christy’s only goal as always will be to hold on to power so as to continue pillaging the province.

We have to inform and unite all citizens, the many groups that have too long been neglected, lied to and abused. The poor, the disabled, students, young families, seniors… The 99% of BC citizens that are disadvantaged to the benefit of the Christy 1%. All that have been forced to pay too great a cost solely for the advantage of Christy and her Pirates.

We have to engage the still uninformed and disengaged to the ongoing self interested assault that the Christy Party has inflicted on the citizens of BC. We have to encourage our fellow citizens to your site Norm and other blog sights that are holding the government and their sponsors to account for their actions.

This comment was submitted to In-Sights while I was on the phone to a person telling me about a recent fundraiser held by the real estate development industry. Generous civic-minded friends of government committed millions of dollars to BC Liberals for the campaign year that lies ahead. To them, that’s a small price of doing business, particularly when you get rewards like this in return:

Rushed Burke Mountain land deal cost taxpayers $43M, CBC News, April 2015:

The NDP says documents from an independent appraiser shows the B.C. government sold 14 publicly owned parcels of land on Coquitlam’s Burke Mountain for $43 million less than they were worth…

In documents obtained by the party under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, the NDP says Equity Valuation and Consulting advised government the land was worth $128 million if exposed to the market for six to nine months.

But just weeks later, NDP MLA Mike Farnworth says government began accepting offers and sold all 14 parcels to one buyer for $85 million…

Keep in mind that instead of correcting issues after tax avoidance was revealed to be a part of Vancouver’s shadow-flipping and mortgage fraud, Liberals put their faith in an inquiry by the self-regulating industry that had previously disregarded the same misconduct. Truth is that the big players are gaining lavish returns from the status quo and they don’t want any interference. The Clark Government obliges because they care mostly for elites.

Previously, I’ve shown that Premier Clark has been dedicated to removing financial burdens previous governments had placed on mining companies and gas producers. We’ve seen Turdstormer Bill Bennett give additional relief to mining companies by allowing majors to defer 75% of their BC Hydro bills. Since, they are presently paying less than half BC Hydro’s marginal cost of power, it is a costly reward that brings no job guarantees in return.

Christy Clark owes her leadership position to gas producers and she’s rewarded them handsomely as shown here:

I could go on with further examples of how the BC Liberals run government. Paraphrasing Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, it is government of big business, by big business, for big business. However, my purpose here is to challenge those who oppose the present political arrangement to take positive steps to assist change.

First, make a choice of which of the opposition parties you support and contact their local organization and join. Then participate in preparations for May 2017 and contribute to policies and strategies. Stay engaged.

Next, make a critical examination of the mainstream media and raise complaints when you see misinformation, bias and lack of balance in reporting and commentary. Let the publishers know you object.

Support alternative media, particularly properties that have no advertising to pay expenses. There is excellent work being done by people outside the traditional pro-media so support them financially and refer their good work to others. Amplify alternative voices and add your own words to public debate.

Liberals will have millions of campaign dollars and an army of taxpayer paid minions. They will be spending further millions of tax dollars on government advertising, ensuring their interests are front and centre in the coming year and guaranteeing, the editorial support of media beneficiaries.

If 5,000 people contribute $30 a month to opposition parties, from now until May 2017, it would cost each individual $175, after tax credits. However, that would make $2.25 million available to parties that aim to defeat Christy Clark and her pirate gang.

Now we need a snappy slogan and a (real) grassroots campaign to make democracy relevant and effective in British Columbia.

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  1. Here is an Idea. Rent billboards and use giant QR codes on them. That way when whomever uses their smartphones to reveal its contents it can produce all of the lies, deals, corporate donors, scandals etc. Heck even print t-shirts with QR codes on them. More bang for your buck. STOP OLIGARCH CLARK!


  2. The last election was not won by the Liberals , it was lost by that other Party; what's their name!
    The same may well happen again as we have a near invisible opposition.
    To add insult to injury I don,t think the Liberals expected to win hence their hastily ill thought platform.


  3. We need to remind the people that , and im sorry to say this to the people that vote Green but a vote for the Green party is a vote for the BC Neo-Liberal party. The Neo-Liberals have used up all their credible social “promises” ie, debt free , families first, open and accountable bs and the LNG fracking whopper and all that's left will be bribing us with our own money and splitting the vote. I'm hoping that people have finally woken up to their crony capitalist ways and how its decimated our provinces bank accounts but talking to the people i know and meet the ignorance level is at an all time high. All the seem to know is that the NDP is bad even though they can't point to anything beyond the “debt” they left us with and the fast ferries. And even though the Neo-Liberals have done 1000 times worse and seem to get off scot free for all of it. I blame the people of BC for their blindness and political ignorance and the media for their complicity in the Neo-Liberal's reign of error. There is no end in sight.


  4. As a person on a fixed income I really can't give much money but you can bet I'll find a way to contribute in some way to remove the corruption that is the clark government.


  5. The fast ferry debt, is a pittance compared to the huge debt left by the BC Liberals. The “pay to play” game has left this province “horrifically ” indebted. The socialization of debt is the worst form of neo-con lie perpatraited on any population. The failure of federal oversight bodies to investigate the Vancouver real estate industry is another travesty. Let's talk tax evasion, potential international and or local money laundering, various offences under the CRA legislation, etc.
    This country talks a big talk about terrorism. Look at this mess closely. The message is clear, no one ” appears to be watching” when it comes to financial crime in this country.


  6. Yes, you're right. The use of pointed “social media” methods, a return to more “classic” signage, tee shirts etc., utilizing “known information, within the public domain” such as BC Lib financial donor info, questioning their “involvement” is the key. “Corruption is a “creature” of the dark, shed light on it, and it flees.” The more “grassroots tactics that are used, the better.
    The use of news programming such as W5 and other investigative journalism is also required. Foreign news services, BBC, the Australian network, or other European news groups, even the American networks, should all be invited to “participate” in the uncovering, of a political mess involving white collar and organized crime, within a “modern democratic government” This is not some third world despotic rules country, its British Columbia Canada. Yes corruption is alive and well and thriving in this province.


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