BC Hydro

Takin’ care of business

According to BC Hydro’s quarterly report for December 31, 2015, the utility bought 3,719 GWh of power from Independent Power Producers and paid $340 million. In the same three months, it traded 3,436 GWh of power outside the province for revenue of $120 million.

The unit purchase price was 262% of the sales price.



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  1. The iconic band AC/DC must have had BC Hydro in mind when coming up with names, and it wasn’t just the name of the band. Surely they had a premonition of BC Hydro’s future activities when they titled their albums.

    There were obvious general titles such as High Voltage, Powerage, and Flick of the Switch of course. But moving on to the W.A.C. Bennett Dam and the current problems there we have T.N.T., Let There Be Rock, The Razors Edge, and Rock or Bust. With regard to the proposed Site C debacle, they offered Highway to Hell, Fly on the Wall, For Those About to Rock We Salute You, and of course Dirty Deeds Done Cheap.

    They even envisioned Christy Clark’s involvement, with Blow Up Your Video, Black Ice, Stiff Upper Lip, and Ballbreaker.

    But there’s hope. Even if for the very distant future, there’s Back in Black.


  2. For a “free enterprise” coalition, The BC Liberals have no problem letting private companies get guaranteed massive profits at the expense of taxpayers/ratepayers of BC! From BC Hydro to Bridges and Highways, computer software upgrades that appear to need continuous millions paid to work out the kinks to Smart meters and translink compass card,BC place roof, convention Center…, What ever happened to a FIXED contracts? I thought “free enterprise” was taking something on and by hard work end up earning a profit. I have yet to see that with this gang that is running the show in Victoria? I hope people wake up to the fact that the only people the BC Liberals give a hoot about are the folks who donate to the reelection, fund as proven over and over again!


  3. Not a great interview (CBC guy says modern devices use more power than old ones because new ones always draw power).

    However, Horgan demonstrates appropriate understanding of the issues. I've been reading this morning about the growth of solar in California. They've only scratched the surface and they are leaders in the USA.

    It is absolutely inappropriate for government to be paying for or guaranteeing high value projects when there is much uncertainty about future markets. Instead of spending $12-15 billion on Site C, we could be saving more power for a fraction of that cost just by encouraging conversion to more efficient lighting and motors. Those two elements use a large proportion of power and, based on available technologies, we could make huge improvements at low cost.

    Even if SiteC has $3 billion of sunk costs, we're better off to suspend the project. However, Liberals are doing everything possible to make that price tag even higher. It is criminal.


  4. Bad interview or not, your last paragraph is exactly why Mr. Horgan should be jumping up and down, using his vast knowledge, understanding and expertise to stop this charade. NOW!


  5. Free enterprise has nothing to do with what this Liberal government is involved in. Corruption in the actions of BC hydro buying”inflated power, “paid for by BC taxpayers, is a “scam” period. It is nothing more than a ludicrous” ponzi” scheme, to enrich “political backers and friends of the government. BC hydro is “not” operating at arms length from the government. When will charges be forthcoming?


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