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Bald Eagles break injunction,build nest in the path of Site C clearing.

Readers may be aware that late March 23, the website ‘No Strings Attached: Laila Yuile on politics and life in B.C.’ was taken down by a malicious attack aimed at quieting her online voice. Her Twitter account – which gains between half and one million monthly impressions – was also affected. You can now find Laila on Twitter at @reallailayuile.

In my view, it was not Laila’s work that was attacked, it was an aggressive action against the entire population of British Columbia. She is an investigative journalist and commentator, operating a non-commercial website that addresses issues vital to all citizens. Some of the people affected by Laila Yuile consider themselves SPECIAL INTERESTS, above criticism and independent review.

The attacker may turn out to be an individual sociopath lacking normal perceptions or this might be actions of unprincipled people hired by those who see their financial well-being harmed by exposure and disclosure.  

I will update this section as more information becomes available.

This is Laila Yuile’s March 23 post, which was apparently a final straw to someone yet unknown. You can read other recent material written by Laila Yuile in this extract from a webcache.
I was in the courtroom the day that BC Hydro was granted their injunction to force the land stewards camp at historic Rocky Mountain Fort. As I listened to the justice give his preamble and reasons for granting it,one knew what the result was going to be. He listed what he could and could not consider within the confines of the law for the purposes of the application, and even acknowledged there were many compelling and persuasive arguments the construction of the dam should not proceed at this time.

That statement surprised me as it did others and was akin to rubbing salt on a raw wound, because like the land stewards of Rocky Mountain Fort, I too believe construction of the dam must be halted.

The campers honoured the law and removed their camp. And within days BC Hydro was clearing. This is the before image of the stunning Peace River valley that held Rocky Mountain Fort, a site that was selected by explorer Alexander McKenzie in 1793 for the abundance of the area and traditional lands of Treaty 8 First Nations. *click to see a larger version

Incredible,isn’t it? Rich in wildlife, of traditional medicine and sacred land enjoyed and used by First Nations,explorers and settlers for hundreds of years.

Until now. This is the view of Rocky Mountain Fort, after the injunction.

And here is a closer look at the devastating clearing that when viewed for the first time, brought tears. A local ongoing art project in Surrey called ‘I Grieve’ came instantly to mind : I grieve over the loss of these trees and this land and what that loss will be for generations to come if one of the court cases doesn’t stop it.

So much for treaty rights.

So much for history.

So much for peoples lives.

But ironically,when the injunction was served, no one told the eagles that no one was allowed to get in the way of clearing…

It is thought that this is the same bald eagle pair whose nest was destroyed last fall in clearing that was decried by locals at that time,because an eagle was photographed at the nest right before it was taken down.

Arlene Boon, a third generation resident of the Peace Valley who along with her husband Ken stand to lose everything they have worked their entire lives for, was among those camping at Rocky Mountain Fort site.In a moment of levity, she posted this after hearing of the eagles nest:

That Arlene can speak with grace and humour in a situation that is anything but funny, speaks to the strength and quality of her character.

That the bald eagles have chosen to build in the path of clearing for site C, some might say is divine intervention. Across cultures and faiths, eagles hold significant spiritual significance, particularly for First Nations and Native Americans.

BC Hydro has committed to a 300 meter buffer for all active nests during Site C construction so this nest is safe according to their link. And, this site is now documented and actively being watched so it doesn’t “fall down due to the backwatering caused by the channelization and diversion of the river” as per the BC Hydro link embedded above.

As for the pair of eagles? They may very well be considered the John and Jane Doe named in the BC Hydro civil suit and the injunction application, so if you can spare some cash for the legal fees associated with fighting this damn dam, it would be appreciated:

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  1. Norm, I think you're right. The attacker may turn out to be an individual sociopath lacking normal perceptions or this might be actions of unprincipled people hired by those who see their financial well-being harmed by exposure and disclosure.

    I believe we all know there are people and corporations who don't like blogs like Laila's and even yours as a matter of fact (beware) and others, and will do what they can to silence bloggers who put out information that they don't want the public to see, and certainly don't want the public to think about what is going on behind closed doors, behind backs and these forces of yes are lacking any ethics and morals.
    Keep up the good work. I look forward to Laila's return. Oh, and the election is just over a year away or not sooner. Think some are not capable of doing what needs to be done to have “their” party returned? Be safe everyone. Be on guard.


  2. QUOTE:
    “The attacker may turn out to be an individual sociopath lacking normal perceptions or this might be actions of unprincipled people hired by those who see their financial well-being harmed by exposure and disclosure.”

    Simple me doesn't see the difference…

    Norm, thank you for posting this on Laila's behalf and on behalf of all of us who are avid blog followers just trying to stay informed.

    An attack such as this is very disturbing no matter the culprit. It is bad enough if it is some simple minded geek that can pull off such a stunt with little effort, but entirely another matter if it is an ordered corporate or Government gag. That thought should scare the crap out of all of us.

    If it was not done by anyone in any authority, then people such as Christybelle, Jessica McDonald et al. who would recognize the optics of it, should be right out in front, loudly condemning it. It is an outright attack on freedom of speech and we know what this has led to in other dictatorships.

    It should also be covered by the MSM or they will be complicit in silence.

    If we do not hear from anyone on this, including Mr. Horgan, I will assume to know who the devil is.

    In my mind the timing of this attack is too coincidental and shows how gutless “they” are to attack an individual with the least ability to defend against it.

    It is on all of us to get behind Laila; to support her any way we can, including financially.


  3. It may well be an 'individual sociopath lacking normal perceptions' but my guess its a Christy Clark Liberal's doing. In any case the blame will be attributed to 'those who see their financial well-being harmed'. Go Chrispy go! You rock!


  4. The resources and people necessary to use digital forensics and find out who or what is behind this are out there. I would also venture that some legal remedies may be available to Laila against the hosting provider and any digital security services they may employ.


  5. It sounds far fetched, but this is to me an indicator that the “digital influencers” Christy hired from Harper have started work. It may be a stretch but The usage of cyber warfare is hardly old school. I have been involved with government attempts to censor information from about five years back. -Blake Newton-


  6. Disclosure, the abuse of power, corruption, win at all cost mentality, all these situations, shun the light of day. Keep the photo's coming, keep the stories coming, facts above all else. Those that spin the truth's, that create the mistruths, are nothing more than professional liars. There are many. Corruption seeks out these people, using their talents to bend the “will” of the populace. Lack of morals or ethics? You bet, to the highest degree. Its all about “big” money. The forces of “yes” will do anything, manipulate, target opposition, and it would appear engage in “criminal behavior” to achieve their agenda.
    Shawnigan lake was the opening salvo. A few hundred people operating at a grass roots level, can turn the tide. Organised, legal political dissention and targeted demonstrations work every time. It has been proven the world over.
    Now, it begins. The forces of “Know” will need hundreds of thousands of protesters, perhaps half a million, or even a million. Legal political demonstration on a mass scale, has brought down dictators, in far worst political environments. You the people, taxpayers, the people that “care” about this once great province can and will defeat the criminal malfeasance, currently “posing” as a political party serving a hollow democracy, here in B.C.
    Grassroots political intervention on a mass scale. “Legal” demonstrations, rally's funding events information gatherings and engagement with citizens.
    These techniques “always” work. Its time…let's begin….


  7. That's shocking news about Laila's site. I hope she can get all of her stories back on-stream.

    This serves as a warning to all poli-bloggers to get backed-up now — and increase your site's security.


  8. Norm, I am sure I am not alone in that I follow no social media other than blogs. I do not do Facebook, Twitter or any others. Please update us the moment Laila is up again.
    Thanks Norm.


  9. For “Pete's” sake!

    It’s disconcerting to hear of the attack on Laila Yuile and her blog, No Strings Attached. It’s tough enough adopting the role of opponent and scribe when one sees unfairness, misdeeds, injustices, corruption, and exploitation in their world, never mind writing about it and publishing their work on line, but this sort of attack via social media is as repugnant as it is cowardly.

    Lone wolf or someone/something more insidious we may never know for certain, but we should all take note of this egregious violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Laila Yuile, Norman Farrell, Merv Adey, Harvey Oberfeld, Bob Makin, Raife Mair (one could go on like an Academy Award acceptance speech) for doing the heavy lifting some of the herniated and affiliated MSM hasn’t much of back for any longer.

    In other news:

    Someone recently posited, I can't recall who, that Laura Miller's return was a sign of the Christy Clark Liberal's arrogance and confidence in securing yet another mandate come May, 2017.


    One could also speculate the Laura Miller’s return amidst the criminal charges levelled against her signals that a measure of uncertainty – even desperation – is percolating amongst Clark and her camarilla leading up to the next election. After all, Miller has been touted to be “the driving force in revitalizing the party, reorganizing its structure, improving fundraising, sharpening its attacks against opponents and kick-starting its social media presence.” Rob Shaw, Vancouver Sun 17/03/16


  10. This attack is a work of extreme cowardice, and the vermin behind it deserve our contempt.

    It also presents opportunities.

    Laila’s peers in the independent journalist blogging community can demonstrate the levelheaded responsibility and analysis that sets them apart from the “anything goes” efforts of those that harm the general credibility of bloggers. Last night Norm quickly demonstrated a sterling example of best practice with this post.

    Supporters of the excellent work being done in the public interest by Laila and her peers can follow by example and refrain from pointing fingers at every conceivable source for the hacking and stalking activity in the absence of any proof.

    And our new Solicitor General Mike Morris can give us an example of his mettle by his action on this file. There seems to be obvious contravention of sections 342.1 (1), 430 (1.1) and several parts of section 264 of the Criminal Code involved here. Let’s encourage him to act, and follow his response.


  11. “a picture paints a thousand words” and in this case a thousand emotions. Anger, bewilderment and sadness are just a few.
    One of the finest examples of man's destructive nature and egotistical blunders for all to see. Only in the eyes of sick twisted individuals such as minister Bennet and our pathetic premier can this be alluded to as progress. This is where authority placed in the hands of fools brings a result of irreversible damage of historic proportion.
    People like Laila and Norm have proven time and time again the folly and wastefulness of taxpayer resources that is this project. The total lack of need for it.
    The dirty and underhanded method of this government to ram it through while stomping on others rights and ignoring all procedures and checks in place for it's authorization.
    Now in their stupidity they have attacked Laila and in doing so have insured that many more thousands will see what they tried to hide.
    Thanks Norm for making this happen!


  12. Thank you for “re-printing” Laila Yuile's latest article.
    I would suggest this was not a “corporate” hack or a sociopathic type, but rather one which was politically motivated.

    Having read the article prior to it being “hacked”, it made me laugh. The Eagles defying a court order. Hydro having destroyed their nest last year, with them only to rebuilding this year. That is percerverance. Those Eagles and the Shawnigan Lake citizens, demonstrates clearly what Percervience can accomplish. When its coverage is well written and funny, it just can't be kept up on the web. From some people's perspective it has to go.

    Laila Yuile's article then followed up with the pictures of what has happed in the area. That was enough to make some people sick.

    I am not surprised this happened and even less surprised it happened to a female blogger.

    Norm, thank you for re-printing the article.

    To the idiot who “hacked” L.Y.'s blog; this is how you ensure the article gets more attention than it normally would.

    In my personal opinion:
    – the closer it gets to election time, the more we can expect to see this type of activity.
    – We might try to remember all the “dirty tricks” the HarperCons pulled over their time in office. – we can expect to see some of that happening in B.C. The queen of photo ops did hire some of those “little shits in short pants” for her office didn't she.
    – Just the triple deleting of government “records” says more about the government than anything that could actually be said.

    There are some old fashioned lines about being known by your actions and the company you keep…….


  13. At 12:30 PM, This was posted by Laila Yuile.

    “File has just been escalated. hacker made a death threat said he is going to kidnap me and cut off my head. RCMP being dispatched.”

    This sounds like someone trying to sound unbalanced, but the same hacker tried to pretend they were Anonymous and more and more it sounds like a professional job.


  14. You bet. That's my view too. Those people that Christy recently hired on are making good money. Doing what isn't really clear, though one was said to have been making “enemy lists” previously (shades of “tricky Dick” Nixon). Those of us who consistently criticized Christy are on it. -Blake Newton-


  15. For me the hack is not a surprise. Lots of people get hacked all the time.

    The surprise for me is when she reveals to CKNW that all of the blog postings are lost.

    For 60 dollars at London drugs one can purchase a 2 terabyte storage device for dragging and dropping.

    Every single blog posting and /or comment anywhere I have made for the past 25 years is copied and stored.


    DriveImage XML is a free program from Cnet downloads and will make a ghost image or mirror of your hard drive anytime you like. Takes about one hour to copy a drive depending upon how many files there are.

    I do a mirror image once a week into the storage device. Here is a link;

    I don’t know much about a WordPress site but years ago when my site was hacked the web host suspended the site first then uploaded the original files to a new location (with improved security) then the old site was taken down.


  16. I've no doubt that Laila Yuile can recover and repost the work of numerous years but that's not the real issue. Beyond causing great inconvenience, these interferences were accompanied by serious physical threats, which are being taken as real by the RCMP.

    What we have now is an indication that persons outside the province were hired to threaten and attack a Canadian citizen with an admirable track record of holding to account powerful people within our community.

    Many victims of online mischief failed to take basic precautions to secure their computer systems but that is not the case here so a central question is, “Who ordered these crimes and why did they do so.”


  17. I would also venture that some legal remedies may be available to Laila against the hosting provider and any digital security services they may employ…


  18. Thanks Norm for filling everyone in ,was wondering what happened as I read her postings regularly.My first thought was that Laura Miller,miss delete pro is back working for Christy Clark.I do hope that the RCMP can get to the bottom of this and someone responsible is held to account.It is an assault on every thinking person.


  19. 1881 Canlii 6 (SCC) (701-2)…It was admitted by the learned counsel who represented the provinces in the argument before us, that this was true with respect to all matters of legislation, but it was contented that when the Act (Const. 1867) deals with “property” the rule was inverted and that the provinces take “all property” not by the Act in precise terms given to the Dominion.
    The sole foundation for this contention appears to me to be based upon an assumption which in my judgment is altogether ERRONEOUS, namely, that the BNA Act, transfers as it were the legal estate in the Crown property from the Crown and vests it in the Dominion and the provinces respectively as corporations capable of holding property, real and personal, to them, their successors and assigns for ever, BUT THE ACT CONTEMPLATES NO SUCH THING;
    (705)…argument as to the appropriation of property…whatever it be and in whatever clause of the Act it is found, is spoken of as being “reserved to the respective legislatures of the provinces” that is as matter placed under the legislative control of and NOT as estate vested in the provinces.
    Crown Proceeding Act, RSBC 1996, c 89
    1.”Crown” means Her Majesty the Queen in right of British Columbia;
    7…the government must be designated “Her Majesty the Queen in right of the Province of British Columbia”.


  20. A funny thing happened on my way to this forum.

    Thanks to my learning from this and other sites, I was able to make a cogent post in the discussion forum for the hunger strike story. Next morning, I got a Facebook message notice from a rather friendly troll. No way could he be a paid political hacker, the message was way to kind… though odd.

    Here's a copy-paste of the message and my response:

    Chat Conversation Start
    From an Ivan Townsend. (Could he be “Ivan Hadanoff”?)

    TUE 12:06AM

    Hey G Barry, there's something about this comment that bothers me. Would you please take it down?
    G Barry Stewart: By coincidence, since Gordon Campbell enacted big changes at BC Hydro in the early 2000s, the province's appetite for electricity has flat-lined. That wasn't how it was projected to go but technology has given us more efficiencies — including a reduced appetitite for power-hungry pulp & paper production.

    During that time, the BC Liberals have promoted the building of Inedependent Power Projects (mostly run-of-river IPPs) — and have contractually obligated BC Hydro to purchase power from these IPPs at a far high cost than what Hydro can make at their own legacy dams. Hydro has also been obligated to run powerlines to the IPPs to pick up the power.

    As well, the IPPs are running hottest at the same time Hydro's dams are fullest: in the springtime. So… we have to buy overpriced power and open our spillways. Since our appetite for power has flat-lined, the IPPs are unneeded — yet they are driving BC Hydro deep into debt. (Look out for coming escallation of price increases.)

    IPPs now produce about 1/3 of what the province uses — and it is BC that uses the IPP power, as it's about 4x the cost of the Mid-Columbia pricing for power exchange between utilities. We can't sell it, as no one wants to pay for it. The same story would take place at Site C, where the power would be overpriced, so the USA wouldn't want it — nor would Alberta. Alberta can make their own power at gas-fired plants for far less.

    The answer? Forget Site C. Put investment into retrofits, such as new motors for heating and ventilation systems in large buildings and switch to LED lighting. Reduce the waste = reduce the need for projects like Site C.

    And for damn sure: put a moratorium on any more IPPs, unless they are for off-the-grid communities.

    TUE 7:07AM
    You accepted Ivan's request.
    Hi Ivan.

    I hope a lot of people are bothered by what I have written — and that it motivates them to vote for change in the coming election.

    Of course, if I have made factual errors, please point them out and I can edit them for correctness.”


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