BC’s intended major LNG partner

Petronas LNG Decision a ‘Watershed Moment’ for Trudeau Liberals, Say Critics, Mychaylo Prystupa, The Tyee, March 10, 2016

…On Wednesday, a letter signed by 130 Canadian and international scientists urged the Trudeau government to reject a recent Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) report that concluded the Petronas-backed Pacific NorthWest LNG project could be built safely for the environment.

The scientists jointly called the report “flawed” and showed “inadequate consideration” of the project’s cumulative effects…

While there are questions to be answered about the financial and environmental impacts on British Columbia, there is another one as well:

Do we really want to do business with this Malaysian company?

Joseph Welch’s famous quote could be directed to Rich Coleman:

Have you no sense of decency, sir?



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  1. http://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2015/12/how-bad-is-lng-bad/

    “Consultancy FGE says between 25 million and 35 million tonnes of the 65 million tonnes a year of US LNG export capacity under construction has been sold to “middle men”, traders or portfolio LNG players such as BG Group or Mitsubishi, that still need to sell the gas on.

    …In addition, about one-third of Qatar’s export LNG volumes are unsold, while the three big Chinese national oil companies and one Indian NOC have switched from buying to selling as they seek to re-sell LNG they have committed to purchasing, according to FGE.

    …That means about 70 million tonnes a year of LNG is still looking for a buyer…

    Yet existing Australian LNG producers should be mostly insulated from the worst of the effects, says Adelaide-based consultancy EnergyQuest.

    It points out that the new Australian projects coming into production are all largely covered by contracted sales to buyers that respect the sanctity of contracts and value the long-term relationships that underpin the Asian LNG industry.

    That’s MB’s 70mtpa surplus right there. As for EQ, use a bit of imagination, chaps, spot is going so low that Australian producer contracts will end up hanging from a toilet roll in the executive rest rooms of some Chinese petro-chemical firm.”




  2. The two videos are very chilling. Not for the Malaysian connection but for the similarities with our own BC Government. Especially in light of our BC Government being so closely tied to the Malaysian thugs.

    After watching, it made me even more suspicious of the attack on Laila Yuile.

    How long before we start to see mysterious disappearances of people who cause BC Liberals to sweat?

    I also made me wonder if there is a large scale, perhaps international, investigation of the BC Liberals and that is why Mr. Horgan remains so publically mute. Has he been asked to sit quietly?


  3. I'm quite sure that Foreign Affairs is keeping a “suspicious” eye on the goings on in this province's involement with a foreign corrupt regime, given the “criminal” nature of Malaysia's political environment. Given the news coverage from Australian broadcasters, and independent news producers, and mounting evidence of widespread, bribery, “disappearences of political opponents”, graft, potential money laundering, and other criminal behaviors, one would think international Policing authorities would also be keeping a close eye on the goings on here.
    The reality of the natural gas market, as noted in the above post, calls into question the ” business model” of “creating” an LNG industry here in B.C. Just like site C and its “supposed” shifting business model, both ideas make no sense from a logical business perspective.
    Unfortunatley, the taxpayer has “supported” both the LNG and site C situations. A debt that this province will be saddled with for years. The BC Liberals, are bankrupting the province, to create an industry that does not make sense, is short term and ultimately will create few jobs in the long term. The supporters of this “party of nonsense”, are very aware of the damage they are doing, but like most sociopaths have no regard for anyone but themselves. The “fools in the ledge” are paid stooges of an economic elite, who are being allowed to subvert, statutes and even have laws rewritten to accomplish their ends…Had enough of the clowns yet?


  4. Your last paragraph may have some truth to it. Under the Foriegn Corrupt Practices Act, and OECD regulations that Canada is a signatory to, there may be a requirement at the Federal level, to be aware of “business negotiations” with foreign corporations or governments, that are on a “watch” list, of corrupt entities. While I'm in no way an expert in this area, information exists online as to the Foreign Corrupt Practices act, the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials act and as a backgrounder, the information at “Transparency International Canada. I'm sure Foreign Affairs and CSIS would be monitoring any negotiations involving a “questionable” business association, involving a provincial government that as seen as increasingly, flaunting statues involving record keeping, (emails), and manipulating or rewiring legislation to achieve “questionable” ends. I believe the minister of State, has the authority to oversee individuals involved in “out of the country” behaviors. Perhaps potentially “rogue” governments are under the same requirement. The question remains, whose watching the BC Liberals, and their involvement with other “known” criminal organizations?
    Scandals come and go, but the current party in power, has long since given up on its moral and ethical compass, and is operating on orders from its “masters”.


  5. I sure hope that's his reason Hogwash. Otherwise it would seem we're hooped. With no effective opposition the Lieberals will sail up the middle. They may back off however if they realize there's nothing left to steal (appropriate).


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