Who does the Government of BC serve? UPDATED

The material below was published June 21, 2014. Since this was written the proponents sold to an Alberta company that is financed by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, not exactly the mom and pop operations that were first described by Gordon Campbell’s IPP-promoting minions. We don’t know how much BC Hydro will be paying for the unneeded power but we know this intermittent supply is useless for the intended gas liquefaction plant in nearby Howe Sound. However, we do know some connected individuals did well on the flip. There is a pattern repeated with independent power projects in BC: politically connected dealmakers do deals, then disappear, cash in hand.

I believe the numerous Narrows Inlet IPPs demonstrate the worst of BC Liberal policies for energy. This unneeded, intermittent supply is destructive to the wilderness, rewarding to a few people and the public would have been better served had BC Hydro written them cheques worth millions to simply go away without touching the lands.

As a reminder of the absent need for more costly power from Narrows Inlet, I repeat these critical charts:



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I wrote previously about Narrows Inlet, a wilderness area 60 kilometres by air from Vancouver. I repeat Joan and Soren Bech’s submission to the Environmental Assessment Office because it is articulate and it relates to a major theme at this blog. The theme is a rhetorical question, “Who does the Government of British Columbia serve, business interests or present and future citizens?”

Here is a map link to the area and a link to Northern Insight articles about Narrows Inlet.


March 2015, BC Hydro had contracted with independent power producers for $56,206,000,000 worth of power. Do we need it? Perhaps, so that we can provide equivalent amounts to mining companies and LNG operators at half the cost.

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  1. Just to show you the insidious nature of the government and/or its supporters. I post regularly at the CBC forum – most of my comments right now are aimed at the government for its attack on teachers.I am also quite aware that Steven Smart's wife works for Clark – no conflict of interest there whatsoever. Yesterday at the main forum article about teachers lo and behold I see a comment using my NAME being posted with my name attached to it. The comment was slanderous. I asked the CBC to remove it but they have not. I am willing to share this with everyone and the comment as well.

    Thank you for this blog as it appears to be one of view that is not bought and paid for by the Liberals.


  2. People who follow my Twitter feed will have guessed a post is coming on BC debt. I expect people who read it will be shocked. One question that arises is, “Why has not the corporate press been all over this subject?”


  3. Its quite simple who the BC Liberals work for, Their masters who are CORPORATIONS of all sort and these are the people ruining oops I mean running BC and all Chisty and her gang do is follow orders! And SPEND taxpayers dollars like drunken sailors.


  4. Under the BC Liberals, BC Hydro, BC Ferries and BC Rail were all quasi-privatized in shady deals.

    What would a new BC government do about all this?


  5. At first I thought this may have been a April fools gag. Unfortunately I realize it is not. Unfortunately the free lunch scribes in Victoria are once again MIA. I've used a few of your graphs lately to show others what the truth is on the Provincial economy and the massive pile of future contractual obligations. Thanks again Norm, and keep up the good work.


  6. “connected deal makers then disappear cash in hand”.

    that line is interesting.

    Now that we have the Panama papers, perhaps we will find some of those individuals in those papers. Perhaps even others from right here in B.C. One could look. I'd love to look.

    The Guardian carried an article written by some Australian journalists who reported 2 men (Chan and Kwok) went to jail in Hong Kong for “bribing the former Hong Kong chief secretary Rafel Hui with $25M. Both guys got 6 and 5 years in jail. Hui got jail time also.

    The fun/interesting part is Chan was a director and beneficial owner of Microcrown Ltd. Microcrown was partial owned by Cheung Kong Investment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Cheung Kong holdings, a flag ship company of Li Ki-Shing. Now if that doesn't leave more than a few enquiring minds wondering if anything happened in lovely downtown B.C. given how far back the Panama papers go??

    we know the MSM in B.C. won't be looking too deeply but if we monitor other newspapers, who knows what we might find. We know Canadian's names have been found in the paper, per CBC, but at this time they aren't reporting the names, because many of the activities are not illegal. of course some of them might be. (ah the Canadian name isn't from B.C. Its some senator's husband from Sask. He's a lawyer)

    It will take some time for all those documents to be gone through, given the wack of them, but gee I do wish I could have a look at the Canadian end of things.


  7. that is real easy. In my opinion, any subject which reflects poorly on the b.c. lieberals is not covered by the MSM. its like it didn't happen.

    As to the amount of debt this province has, in one form or another, I refer to B.C. as Detroit North and do expect we could wind up declaring bankruptcy if the “MAGIC” ever wears off. i.e what if no one paid their MSP for several months. Its not like we won't get our health care and I would not be surprised if the b.c. lieberals took in as much or more in MSP premiums than they do in corporate taxes.


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