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Heart of our economy gets ignored

When government is captured by people pursuing fortunes in real estate development and resource exploitation, the interests of all others become secondary. When the bubble bursts, when phantom markets collapse, what remains?

Small and medium‑sized enterprises employ about 2/3 of Canadians employed in manufacturing. Yet government programs typically aim benefits at large multinational corporations. An example in British Columbia is the arrangement allowing large, mostly foreign owned, mining companies to defer payments for electricity for up to two years. Additionally, Government directed BC Hydro to spend about a billion dollars on transmission lines that primarily powers the Red Chris open pit mine of Imperial Metals, which is controlled by Christy Clark’s favourite fundraiser, Murray Edwards. Substantial expenditures are also being made in the Northeast gas fields, even though government revenue from that resource has turned fugitive.

Not only must taxpayers fund huge capital expenditures for infrastructure to benefit large corporations, BC Hydro is required to sell them power at preferred rates, even though the average independent power producer (BC Hydro quarterly report Dec/15) is paid 68% more per GWh. The more power consumed by mining companies, the higher is the subsidy they receive. However, it is not just residential consumers who pay for subsidies to heavy industry; it is also commercial businesses and small and medium-sized manufacturers. Those customers pay almost double the unit price that mining companies pay and require little marginal spending on distribution lines.


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  1. This is the new perverse democracy. Corruption at every turn. Organized “criminal” white collar enterprise. The federal government has an obligation to investigate malfeasance with provincial governance. Why is this not being done? What more evidence of “organized crime”, do federal authorities need. This is a crime that needs to be prosecuted and quickly.


  2. This would seem to be how the demise of the middle class has been “engineered”. The “fast buck” con game that the provincial government is running, whereby the “rich” business owners and contractors, use political donations as “influence”, in order to procure a seat at the “economic” table that small business and the taxpayer cannot, is “influence peddling”, pure and simple.

    The issue is being dealt with in most other jurisdictions in Canada, why not here? Is the public, “suitable served or protected” from this form of influence?

    Small business is the lifeblood of most small and medium communities in this province and indeed Canada. To allow the influence peddling form of “malfeasance” by government, ministers of the crown and indeed the premier herself, to be used as a means of subverting the electoral system, by the “buying” of votes by out spending rivals, or even influencing the way large corporations do business with the government, borders on criminal corruption.

    Ban corporate and union donations in this province…period. Limits on this nonsense are required.
    As for the corruption? It is generally perceived in this province that the corruption within the current government is widespread. It is my personal opinion that the party itself, its donors and some government ministers, should be investigated for criminal conspiracy and corruption.


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