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  1. Meanwhile in Osoyoos, the school board voted to close the only high school in town due to budget issues, and the mayor says she’s looking into an independent school as a replacement.

    Christy’s plan is working; and I’ll bet she has connections that will help the good mayor out with that.


  2. Under BC Liberals, we might eliminate public high schools completely. Use the old European system of pushing the majority of teenage kids into menial work or low paid apprenticeships that start at age 14. Let children of the elites be educated in private schools where they don’t have to interact with hoi polloi.

    Perhaps we could close off entire parts of the province because they’re uneconomic in the view of Liberal supporters.


  3. Quote:

    “School District Emissions and Offset Investment

    In 2014, after taking action to reduce GHG emissions in their operations, school districts produced a total of 174,955 tonnes CO2e from all emission sources identified by the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act.

    School districts then invested $3,887,350 in 155,494 tonnes CO2e of carbon offsets.”



    These are the carbon offsets that the previous BC Auditor General said were “not credible”.

    These carbon offset purchases allow the BC Govt to proclaim itself “carbon neutral”, while at the same time pushing things like LNG and coal export.

    Vancouver School Board has a $24 million budget shortfall. However, recently $560 million was somehow available to spend on a new roof for BC Place Stadium.


  4. Really? $50,000 to get into school in BC, but as a citizen and taxpayer parent(s) you go on a wait list? What the hell is this government thinking? This is Nelson, you don’t have 100’s coming in. OH, but wait, we can get international people to pay us money. How disgusting can this government and it’s chronies get. And what’s with this principal? Really Mr. Jones. Time to stand up to the crooks in Victoria. When are the people going to get it!
    Everything this group has touched has gone downhill with many suffering. Now this? Our public education system. Time to cut off all funding to private schools. Christy can afford to pay for her son to go. Her choice, but don’t hang it on the rest of us taxpayers. Our tax dollars should go to “public” schools for all.
    Disgusted and waiting for 2017.


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