BC Hydro

Run of river, or ruin of river?

In the three months ended December 31, 2015, BC Hydro BOUGHT 3,719 GWh from private electricity producers at an average price of $91,422 per GWh (total $340 million). In the same quarter, BC Hydro SOLD 3,493 GWh to heavy industry at an average price of $54,394 per GWh (total $190 million).

Liberals claim themselves to be wise managers of public finances.

An alternative explanation of small hydroelectric projects, by Tom11 Films.

Small Hydro Power from Tom11 Films on Vimeo.

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  1. Norm … People should know this is what Gordon Campbell’s 2002 Energy Policy was all about.

    Remember those little babbling brooks with “Mom and Pop” operations? No dams but unobstructive weirs? No interference with the water flow. Happy salmon whizzing up the river to spawn? Do you remember cranks going all around the province telling the people what was really happening? And the fact that these little “Mom snd Pop” operations like General Electric had sweetheart deals with BC Hydro that would bankrupt BC Hydro? And pests like Erik Andersen and Norman Farrell and others trying to tell you what the deals really were and what would happen to BCH? And people like Joe Foy, Damien Gillis and Rafe Mair, troublemakers all, and Tom Rankin with his Save Our Rivers Society, And COPE all going from town to town around the province, speaking night after night, predicting how General Electric ond other little “Mom and Pop” operations would, in exchange for huge donations to the Liberal Party, destroy the rivers and rip off BC Hydro to the point of bankruptcy? Have you seen how all these predictions have not only come true but been vastly exceeded those predictions? So that BCH would be legally bankrupt if the Christy Clark government didn’t keep raising your rates? Have you seen how much these little “Mom and Pop” companies have poured into Christy’s re-election pot? Do you realize that in fact, if you connect the dots, your higher Hydro payments are going into the Liberal re-election pot? HAVE YOU BLOODY WELL HAD ENOUGH YET?

    Sorry, Norm, I just watched that marvellous little video and something snapped. I suspect the same happened to you and many others who bear the lash marks inflicted by this government on all who care about these things and dare say so.

    And yes, I know it’s unbecoming of me to say so, but I am pissed off.


  2. Great, informative movie! (Do I note a sarcastic tone in Roy’s voice? LOL!)

    I had no idea that IPPs were more than a made-in-BC problem. I didn’t know they were a concern in Washington State, which is teeming with Columbia and nuclear power.

    One point the Americans seem to have missed out on: charging 3 or 4 times the market rate for the power — and signing decades-long contracts that guarantee purchase of the overpriced power before more efficiently-produced power can be bought. Apparently those aspects are more easily foisted on a population that is less-informed by its media.

    I’d like to see made-in-BC short animations that can succinctly show the key BC Liberal themes that are hurting our province. Hydro, IPP, political donations and real estate would be good places to start.


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