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  1. Good to see your excellent work getting the exposure it deserves Norm. Kudos to Jon McComb and CKNW for the interview. Hopefully it won’t be a one-off, and will spread to other news outlets.

    I now expect BC Hydro and the BC Liberals to expend considerable effort using our tax dollars to develop a propaganda defence. It will include misdirection, smears of anyone (i.e. you) suggesting the current strategy is not completely in the public interest, and will involve their social media guerillas and the usual suspects in the MSM who don’t share Jon McComb’s journalistic integrity. Buckling up our chinstraps for the ride is in order.

    The NDP should also at this time be expending considerable effort informing the public; not only about the ongoing destruction of BC Hydro, but also about the alternatives they propose to enact if elected. Not mouthing nebulous possibilities, but laying out concrete plans and undertakings. Specific costed programs to modernize existing industrial energy hogs, legislating and subsidizing solar capture on all new home construction (subsidizing voluntary refit on existing), aggressive initiatives to establish manufacturing plants for the components needed in the production of solar, wind, or geothermal energy production, and a comprehensive analysis weighing the costs of cancelling IPP contracts against the difference in long-term power purchase from them and in-house production maximizing every existing asset in the BC Hydro inventory. A clear and achievable difference between the NDP’s plan and the ruinous status quo must be demonstrated and time is of the essence.

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    • There are several IPP’s that could very easily be cancelled….right now. Construction has not begun. Their initial Energy Purchase Agreements can be deemed null and void as there is no reasonable expectation they can meet their Commercial Operation Date. Of course there is a clause that allows them to pay a penalty and keep the contract. They are making so much money off BC Hydro that they can afford to pay late delivery fees…just a cost of doing business….after all, we will pick up the tab.


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