BC Liberals

Guest editorial

A message sent to various people in the public arena, by reader and citizen commentator “Salal” and republished here with permission:

Liberals. Uncanny how they remain true to form.

Here in Victoria they were brought in to move the sewage treatment system procurement forward. The threat of provincial and federal grants being withdrawn hurried Victoria CRD directors along.

Of note, so did the fact that the BC Liberal government insisted they not be allowed to entertain other more environmentally sound and less expensive systems.

Seems Ms. Clark has a list of eligible corporate sponsors for contract dispersals. As of yet they’re not into greener systems so Clark is prevented from choosing the greener way…

That decision is so reminiscent of the Site C Panel situation. The panel led by Mr. Swain had their hands tied by Liberal Mines and Energy Minister Bill Bennett who ordered them not to consider other more cost-effective and environmentally friendly hydro generation systems.

I suppose the BC Liberals could use a Don Cherryism, “You’ve gotta go with those who brung ya.”

In English?

You have to stand by those who have made themselves an integral component in your BC Liberal career.

The above comments are my opinions and heartfelt.


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  1. The list of BC Liberal self and crony enrichment contrary to the public interest is very long and well documented; except in the traditional media. Their actions solely in the public interest are much harder to find except in the fictitious realm of government advertising, including that disguised as opinion and news coverage in the traditional media.

    BC Liberal MLAs do not fear the public’s wrath because they know from experience that a compromised press, a publically funded propaganda machine, a weak opposition and a campaign war chest filled to the brim by the people whose wrath they do fear is a winning formula.

    The electorate can’t get upset by things it does not know.


  2. Lew what you say is so true. the only thing which may upset Christy and her B.C. Lieberal`s appeal cart this time, is education. There are a lot of upset parents out there and they may not be going away. Never “upset a Mom` when it comes to her kids. They can`t get their kids into schools where they want them and they can`t get them into doctors` appointments.

    B.C. is for sale to the highest bidder. Perhaps. I`d suggest its free for the taking by those who donate the most to the B.C. Lieberals . Those mining companies still haven`t paid that BILLION dollars they owe the province but they sure do donate to the B.C. Lieberals.

    Not going with a more green alternative to Site C., well yes that is entertaining. Read on the weekend where in the State of Nevada, private producers are producing so much solar power its impacting the private power companies ability to make money. It was reported that if one of the large casino chains pulls out of the private power companies grid, because they have their own solar power system, the company`s profits would drop by a third. The private power company has sued the casino company to make up for some of the looses. the private power companies also want to stop having to purchase left over solar power from homes. the homes are producing so much, the power company is going to loose money. So why would B.C. build a dam when Nevada has an excess of power. You really do have to wonder. My thoughts, it was never about the power. Its about the water which will be backed up behind that dam. when B.C. is up to its neck in debt, Christy will start selling the water and the voters will go along with it because they don`t want an increase in taxes and they know they won`t be able to pay off B.C. Hydro`s debts in this life time. Or Christy sells the dam and with it the water behind it, which then will be sold by the company owning the dam. either way, we the taxpayers won`t benefit.


    • I think the same thing will be happening with the “smaller” hydro IPP’s. Many of them are like the Narrows Inlet and Tyson Creek projects on the Sunshine Coast…..alpine lakes get drained by levels of 45m or more in order to maintain flow through the turbines in low water flow months. The penstocks are sized much larger than required for the nameplate capacity applied for in the EAO assessment process. My first fear is increasing turbine size in the future would not result in public scrutiny, there is no requirement to submit another EAO application for supersizing. That fear has taken a back seat to the realization that all they have to do is open the valve in the penstock that diverts from the turbine (since the penstock is oversized and can still power the turbine) and leads to a pipe filling up ocean going tankers moored at the bottom. I can hear it now….”What are these darn environmentalists complaining about now, a possible water spill?”


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