Haven’t become unacceptable…

Jesse Brown’s Canadaland is an aweless romp through public affairs, mostly Toronto-centric but striving to pay attention, occasionally at least, to stories outside Upper Canada.

Canadaland is on my podcast list and I’m a regular listener. Recently Jesse Brown hosted Omar Mouallem, an Edmonton writer. The entire program is worth 28 minutes of your time but here’s a short segment where they talk about Postmedia’s million dollar man-at-the-top, Paul Godfrey. The Toronto Life article is revealing.

Q&A: Paul Godfrey, the CEO who’s presiding over the Postmedia newspaper chain’s rapid decline

godfrey-140Paul Godfrey has earned millions while gutting newsrooms and closing papers across Canada. 
He says he’s trying to save journalism. It’s not working

Q: Last fall, as many of your employees were being denied cost-of-living wage increases, you accepted a $900,000 retention bonus. How did you explain that series of events to them?

A: No one asked...

Q: When Postmedia bought Sun Media, you promised the Competition Bureau that you wouldn’t combine newsrooms. Then you did just that. Were you lying?

A: Not at all…

Q: You’re in the middle of another round of job cuts. At what point are you diminishing the print product so much that you’re hastening its decline?

A: It hasn’t happened yet. Are our papers as good as they used to be? No, but they haven’t become unacceptable.

Q: You’ve appealed to the federal Liberals for financial help. As a long-standing Conservative, was it difficult, ideologically, to ask for a subsidy?

A: I’m asking for the same breaks they give the film industry.


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  1. The Public Policy Forum (who the hell are they! Good question, read on) chaired by Edward Greenspon, former Editor of the Toronto Globe and Mail, has recommended, amongst other things, a $400 million tax break for Postmedia after the massive golden handshake their chairman Paul Godtrey gave himself while firing employees left, right, and centre just as Norm reports.Who, I asked myself, was on this generous committee? The press release gave two contacts so on January 27 I wrote each, politely and respectfully, for tha names of those on the committee. I confess, you see, that I have that evil thought that they all be pals or Posrmedia. I received no reply. Since then I have been writing my MP, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Liberal, every week asking for this information, but my reward has been form letters, the salutation being “Dear _____”
    This information would normally be part of their original press release, wouldn’t you think? If not, ehy not? In any event, unless something funny was going on, the information would be immediarely available to the public. Why not? I now have the additional evil feeling that Mr. Greenspon has muzzled the Public Policy Forum pn orders from a politician, likely the PM. Why do I suspect this? From ecperience i know that if any MP with any jam phoned Chairman Greenspom, saying “look here,I am a Member of Parliament, you chair a public organization funded by taxpayers, if you don’t tell me who else sat on the “Broken Mirror” committee that you chaired, with 9 goodies for Postmedia, i will raise this in the House of Commons until I get an answer
    I suppose I should know better. Ms Goldsmith-Jones MP has already demonstrated that she’s a Liberal toady with her support of the proposed LNG refinery at Squamish and her craven support of the Prime Minister’s decision to inflict Kinder Morgan on BC. She told her constituents in the last election that she would always speak out for them. They got an echo chamber out of the prime minister’s office instead. Now I’m pissed off and will press for this information until I get it. Join me if you like – I don’t care if you get it first!


  2. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for Rafe, but the Board of Directors is here:

    And the “Team” of which Mr. Greenspon is President and CEO here:

    Your mention of the good Mr. Greenspon reminds me of the time I was outraged enough by the Globe and Mail’s biased coverage of the 2005 BC election campaign to write him as the editor and challenge him on it. After a couple of exchanges it was clear he had no rational defense beyond bias and so I told him to cancel my subscription. The paper kept coming. I wrote him again. No answer, and the paper kept coming. I wrote him again. Then I received a note from one of his assistants giving me a name and number to call if I wanted to cancel. Finally I wrote to tell him I wanted HIM to cancel it and that since I had cancelled my subscription several times and had no reason to expect anyone in my yard at 3:30 am (when the paper was normally delivered) I would be calling 911 to report a prowler if I detected a trespasser. Haven’t received the rag since.


    • Thanks, Laila … I got them early on, but I want to know the actual people who presumably recommended the 9 points of “The Broken Glass”. Now I wouldn’t dream of suggesting any political bias or bias in favour of Postmedia but I’m just an old snoop at heart and somehow I smell a rat’

      Best and hugs for Rollo




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