BC Liberals

Liberal bus needs new paint job

We suggest a new paint job for the Liberal campaign vehicle:


In case you don’t remember the old livery, here it is:


Christy “I never tell a lie, but I may use alternative facts” Clark will be rolling out the bus shortly but, if truth be told, it’s a stage prop. The Premier and her entourage travel by executive jet.

I’m thinking of having this chart printed on a poster. Email if you’re interested.


BC Govt Debt & Obligations to March 2015 (pdf file)

Thanks to RS for the new bus design

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  1. Now that is one truthful bus. Thanks Norm. You are working overtime to get the news out. I do wish that Mr. Horgan would be more vocal. Of course MSM aren’t chasing after him when their comfort zone lies with Ms. Clark.


  2. If you hired someone to manage your “company” and they told you they were doing such a good job they made a 2 billion dollar “profit” in the last year but they also racked up 20 billion on the credit lines and credit cards in the last 4 years would that make them financial wizards or financial fraudsters ?

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  3. Thank you for this chart. It reveals information that is exactly opposite of the Liberal claims and I intend to print it. Can you provide a more convenient format?


    • And the Loo-Guv went on… “For the first time in 40 years, children born that year will no longer be asked to pay for the burdens that our generation has placed upon them…”

      Oh, really?

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  4. So much for the track record of this government on transportation and debt management.

    BC Liberal long term debt and contractual indebtedness is out of control – but instead of addressing the issue the Libs divert with fake bragging that ‘annual operating debt’ is approaching a balance. Whoop de Do… apples and oranges deflection spun to hide the long term debt obligations they continue to rack up. This debt has only benefited the Liberal corporate sponsors at great cost to future generations of BC citizens.

    The magic Liberal debt free bus was running not on biofuel, not e- drive, not LNG. It was running on BC Liberal BS. I like your repainted bus Norm but perhaps to add even more visual impact you could further photoshop the rear of the bus to add and cantilever the sign panels so as to accommodate all those zeros after the dollar sign. The scabbed on extension would I think better represent the fake BC Liberal ‘good managers’ and their clown bus ‘massage’.

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