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George Orr was a prospective BC Green Party candidate in North Vancouver Lonsdale until the party’s leadership decided they did not want an experienced, articulate and principled candidate, perhaps because that would threaten the BC Liberal Party’s lightweight candidate.

BC Greens appear to have very narrow objectives and a change of government seems not to be one of them.

Former broadcaster Orr created TALK!, an excellent documentary that will appeal to every person who valued radio for being unique in each community it served.

TALK! Radio held Vancouver’s rapt attention for fifty years. Decades of scoop journalism, blunt spoken truth to power!

Instant democracy! Everybody listened!

Then it was killed off!

Watch how it all happened, from fascinating start to brutal finish.

TALK! explores broadcasting and how the functions of commercial operations are driven by self-interest, not by communities needs.

While fishing for the story of radio, George lands by-catch. It’s a politician we all know.

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  1. OMG George Orr as a candidate. that would have been so cool. He most likely would have been elected and that would have been the last thing Weaver wanted, competition. Then there would have the small matter of Orr speaking up about real environmental issues. that would not have been a good thing. IPPs, Site C, Deas island bridge, etc.

    All Weaver wants is a comfortable life having to do nothing, making him feel important and insuring the NDP don’t get elected. Wonder how much Christy pays him. Well its a thought. Of course if some Greens are elected poor Weaver will be out of a job toute suite, given some of the new MLAs would want to get up and speak about environmental issues.

    Oh, that documentary sounds so good. thanks for sharing!

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  2. I have known and admired George Orr for 40 years. No one knows BC politics better or is more suited to start it down the path to that system that, if in place now, would have allowed the people to select Orr and give the Greens a chance to kick the Liberal pal and IPP lover Andrew Weaver out the door. The System? It’s called Democracy..
    I hate to think this but I’m told that my very name is shit with Weaver over his tragic IPP policy that, as Notm Farrell and others have so carefelly and devastatingly exposed, has not only been an environmental catastrophe, but the fiscal ruination ogpf BC Hdro. Weaver can claim fairly to be a pioneer supporter of this outrageous destroyer of river, fish and Hydro claimg in a letter to me that it depended not on blocking rivers but, hold your breath here, water wheels! I simply ask Dr Weaver this question – our correspondence shows that you didn’t even bother to visit an IPP project, like the easily accessed Ashlu, before pronouncing these outrages “clean, green power” – did you block George Orr’s nomination because he had the temerity to actually know and have the occasional coffee with me over the years? And featured me in a documentary on Talk Radio for God’s sake? Now, Doc, before you get your knickers in a knot, George has never spoken of these things to me except to say as a news item (I am still a working journalist) that his candidacy was turned down not by the people, but the executive of the BC Green Party.

    Finally, Doc, do I suppose that now that you’ll sue me, your favourite tactic when your ego is bruised? I hope not – but it would give us a chance to meet (because of infirmity I’m very essy to meet and I know you’ve been in Lions Bay several times) and we would have a chance to talk about destroyed rivers and fish runs and the warnings from Norm, Erik Andersen, Damien Gillis, Joe Foy myself and others going back to 2007 or 8 about what IPPs would do to BC Hydro and the rivers involved.

    I wish the Greens the very best in the May Election, and you know I mean thst. They do have a very severe hancicap, Doc – their leader.


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  3. If Doc needs a ride to your house Rafe, I can pick him up….we will take the long way around, past the Ashlu and down the other side (just over the hill from there), to Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast. You are just up the road from the ferry terminal on the way back so I don’t see any reason he wouldn’t accept. I will stop periodically so he can relax by the “waterwheels” and the benign babbling brooks these IPP’s are quietly nestled in. Construction is just about to get started on Narrows Inlet (even though it was first brought to public attention in 2008….delays due to its obvious controversial alpine lake draining waterfall diverting penstock clearcutting pristine fjord industrializing BC Hydro bankrupting nature). The two or three guys mixing concrete in wheelbarrows for this project could be a good photo op for him. Green my a##.

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  4. The BC Government says it is “Carbon Neutral”. It forces the public sector (schools, hospitals etc) to purchase $millions worth of carbon offsets from private companies who claim they need the $money to pay for carbon-reduction projects. Yeah right! Schools get reimbursed later, by whom: Taxpayer! Election issue.


  5. Andrew Weaver is a 1st class ego-maniac, he hijacked the bcgp, pretending to embrace the environmental cause, but his record shows something entirely different. Weaver supported a tar refinery in Kitimat, He supported IPP, he opposed sewage treatment in Victoria, he even fiercely opposed BDS and the Green Party of Canada in general, calling it a fringe, radicalized Party, in fact he is not even a Federal Green, he reports proudly to be a Federal Liberal! He barely features the environment anymore except in a passing comment, as if he has forgotten all about that truth.

    The other comments are right on the money, he sees Mr. Orr as a rival, as all ego maniacs see anyone who shows strength, not as a strong allie but as a threat to their ego-mania lime light.

    This is the dark years for the BCGP, now is a time to focus on rebuilding and a doubling down on what the BCGP is really about.

    To quote a recent statement by Washington State Governor’s address to the UN-

    “This we know: Mankind did not cross the long stretch of millions of years from the first stone axe to the first moon landing, only to destroy the natural systems and the climate that form the very foundation of our societies and our world.
    We know that such a bitter end cannot be our destiny.” Gov. JAY INSLEE


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