BC Liberals

Taxpayers pay for campaign promises


They increased the provincial budget another $2 million to let you know about their MSP campaign promise.


But, feeling heat from the Opposition and angry voters, the BC Liberals dissolved the Legislature two weeks earlier than planned.


In other words, Taxpayers are paying $2 million to advertise a BC Liberal campaign promise.


That included $15 million in the four months before the May 2017 election.

From Facebook’s BC Disability Caucus.


If Christy Clark’s Government is using public funds for private benefit, perhaps there is a solution in law:


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  1. Clearly, the Liberals are counting on ignorance and denial both broad and deep. Keep hammering: the noon news showed a brief clip of the video featured in your Hypocrite! piece. The lack of ethical grounding in the Clark government ponzi scheme and the total absence of any sense of shame or embarrassment remain both frustrating and incomprehensible to anyone brought up with a sense of social interaction.

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  2. Well, I see the Liberals have taken a page out of the Federal Conservative election book.
    Spending millions of taxpayer dollars on telling us what a great job they’re doing in the lead up to an election.
    Barely sitting in Parliament, avoiding the media or any critical questions, on and on and on the corruption goes…..

    Yep. BC Liberals are Harper Conservatives
    laughable if it wasnt so repugnant..

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    • Indeed. In the past year, we’ve seen how much the Liberal and Conservative parties area alike. They are seemingly interchangeable, with neither having much respect for truth or the principles of representative democracy.

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