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  1. Good ad. Now what’s needed is follow up fleshing out the details on W5s of rental housing creation for voters to grab onto. What specifically will NDP government do to fulfill the goal?


  2. This is a typical lame-duck NDP ad. What they have to do is go for the jugular and tell how the Liberals are a bunch of fuck-ups with out really trying. Hey, there’s a bunch of info about how they have screwed-up BC Hydro. Lost job opportunities? No problem; tell us about all those BC ferries that have been built in Germany and Poland? And at the same time ask the Liberals about the financing of those ships? Please mind us again about LNG and how it’s going to make us all rich?


  3. Not an NDP ad — but a BC Fed one, in support of change. (People can fill in the rest…)

    The guns need to start firing pretty soon, I’ll agree.


  4. That’s an entertaining ad, it grabs the attention by ridiculing a political leader—something nearly everybody likes to do, or watch from a safe distance. It’s smart to avail the work that video game creators have already done, the iconic sound and visual effects.

    A few seconds in, the audience probably starts to part into disagreeing groups: those who concur about Christy, the ridiculous subject, those who don’t, and those who don’t really care one way or the other. The important point is every one of them is attentively grabbed, as ‘t were, and waits for the “punchline” or “money-shot.”

    I don’t get how it could be construed as a “lame-duck NDP ad…”…it’s not even from the NDP. I’ll presume “lame-duck” is a malapropism for “lame” because, even at a stretch— where a leader is abandoned by his or her parliamentary caucus, or a party led by an interim Member still has a parliamentary majority but, for some reason, has fallen in popularity and caucus support is uncertain—the BC NDP, being in none of these situations, that is, by not yet having a majority, not having fallen in popularity, and not having an interim leader, while having a leader who has full caucus support—does not fit the billing of “lame duck.”

    Naturally I want voters to think about what’s going on in their province before voting, to be informed of facts, not just titillated by puerile accusations and pissing matches. But nobody can successfully pretend that getting attention, no matter how, is absolutely essential to an electoral win. For some voters, it’s all that matters, and since we need their votes as much as those who might detest such low-brow tactics, it’s foolish to ignore, dismiss, or condemn our “knuckle-dragging” brothers and sisters—as the NDP’s last BC election showed amply. Doubly foolish to condescend those among the snarling mob that might have otherwise voted for the NDP—had it only parried with the incessant smears and blows showered upon it with impunity by the most bubble-headed leader BC’s ever had. BTW, Horgan scored big by immediately punching back when Christy levelled her baseless “hacking” smear: no sooner had she gleefully announced an RCMP investigation, she had to turn tail and run from the mere threat of a lawsuit. See how easy that was? But it’s absolutely essential.

    That said, I too am waiting for some good, clean shots to the BC Liberal record of perfidy. I’m fairly confident they’ll come when the writ is dropped; we have to accept the unfairness of political financing in BC and, by prudently not repeating what MSM has been revealing about the so-called “Wild West” of campaign funding here in BC, the NDP can save resources for the many other BC Liberal transgressions MSM has omitted. It certainly isn’t lost on me that MSM has decided to investigate those transgressions that hitherto they would have omitted; the inference that the BC Liberals have fallen out of their favour might actually be obscured if the NDP decided to pile on to it. Now THAT would be truly lame. And it might very well obscure the plain fact that that erstwhile supporters are daring to speak up about the utter disappointment of Christy’s government.

    Thus I’m willing to wait for the high-brow, and getting the popcorn ready for the low-brow. We need to do both, especially during campaign, the very name implying “war.”

    I must say, I’ve worried—probably quadrice-burned, quintrice-shy—that too much info by way of detailed indictment might have negative, that is, eye-glazing “blowback.” Certainly the BC Liberals have provided so much evidence of perfidy, one wonders if it’s tactically designed to put voters to sleep. But, granted, we need to know this stuff to be truly informed. Remember, for me, I don’t expect every voter to be informed (last I checked, citizenship, not credentials, is requisite for eligibility), and I want some of those low-info voters to vote NDP. That’s why we can’t rely ONLY on high-brow info.

    Norm here is the epitome of perfect balance in this regard: his research is impeccable and an invaluable resource for those who need detail to be informed or make up their minds; yet his graphic representations are, as they say, “worth a thousand words” that the less academic of us
    can easily understand and get behind. In fact, next I go to town, I’m going to get a couple T-shirts made up (got turned onto a new, cheap, high-tech T-shirt printer in Triple-C Valley) featuring some of Norm’s histogrametric masterpieces, two most-telling being provincial debt over time (sure puts paid to the 90s-dark-age canard the BC Liberals are still pumping out) and BC Liberal crony-parasitism of BC Hydro (which says so very much about what these rotters are all about). Those graphs even a five-year-old can understand, whereas, in contrast, the full, sordid story of what the BC Liberals have done to public enterprise is exceedingly complex–probably by design (gone be the theses of many a Phd candidate, I’m sure).

    The old one-two punch will prevail, just gotta do it.


  5. I thought the ads were from the NDP also. I was about to send them a cheque for finally getting it right. Guess that check ought to go to the B.C. Federation of Labour. Laughed like hell when I first saw it.

    as to housing. Saturday’s news had a report on the people protesting at what used to be Little Mountain housing, which the government tore down, sold off to developers, promised people they’d be back in 2 years and now its 10 years later and still no affordable housing for working people. My guess: They’ll wait another 10 years to ensure no one is there to move back in and all the condos, town houses will be sold to foreign buyers as usual.

    This land ought never have to been sold to any one. it ought to have been used for buildings to house the working people of B.C. right now nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, police, fire fighters can’t afford to live in greater Vancouver. Neither can those work in stores, resturants, offices, driving trucks and cabs, etc.

    Should the big shake ever come, Vancouver will truly be on its own. No one is coming. they won’t be crossing the river and they sure as hell won’t be leaving their families in the burbs to fend for themselves while they go rescue a lot of billionaires and millionaires in Greater Vancouver.

    The land which the RCMP and the buses used to use in Vancouver ought to have been kept by the government to build affordable housing. I’m not talking “social housing” but affordable housing. Housing to be built for families with kids, so the apartments would be large with 2 bathrooms but no high end finishes. In the Netherlands 45% of all housing stock is owned by the government.

    here we build ‘social housing” and create ghettos. If social housing were open to everyone making under $150K a year and paid based on their income up to what ever they set the max at, it would benefit the city, the taxpayers, the children, the disabled, retirees,, etc. of course that won’t work for developers and they’re the ones who contribute to Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals and mayor moonbeam.

    Building affordable housing is easy. Just stop paying off the friends of the politicians. stop taking money out of crown corporations and giving billionaires an electrical payment break. Stop giving Gordon Wilson $400K on a no bid contract to his numbered company. Hell it would have bought a condo for a disabled person to live with some dignity.

    The next thing I expect to see is all those private care homes which el gordo encouraged are going to go out of the business of taking care of seniors and start just renting out the units or selling off the land and selling condos. Right now those buildings need staff, but if they were rented out as condos, they would most likely get about the same for rent and not have to have the staff. Re developing some of those complexes as condos make hundreds of millions. of course that would not happen until after the election because if it happened before it might upset how some people voted. Also expect that after the election the B.C. Lieberals will have their anointed special person who is the Vancouver School Board to start selling off School Board land to developers for condos to be sold to foreign buyers.


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