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One of many tragedies

What kind of society do we live in when there are no resources – no affordable resources, that is – for families in need, yet there is sufficient money to pay almost a million dollars for vanity photography and videotaping of Premier Clark?

And billions of dollars to subsidize foreign-owned resource companies and billions more to pay contractors and private producers for power we don’t need.

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  1. Very powerful message. While Clark skips around BC in her ugly 80’s pastel coats, fake smile and the smut (ie lies) that spew from her mouth, precious lives are lost under her watch, if this doesn’t changes things, I don’t know what will. Nick’s story could happen to anyone.


  2. Omg, this is making me cry. Share this, people need to know! We have the opportunity to drain this swamp of heartless politicians and incompetents at the MCF. People need to go to prison. Christy and her ministers have children’s blood on their hands.


  3. Hello Norm:
    It has become a tradition of Christy Clark to blame the NDP for everything that the Liberals have failed at. She has not taken responsibility for the “filthy coal” we export to China, the raw logs, the oil spills, opioid crisis, not building affordable rental units, lack health care, lack of education funding and loss of good paying jobs.
    In Victoria, there are long line ups for the Advance Polls. We have a habit of voting politicians OUT. Her shredding machines are likely destroying documents before May 9th and she is spending every penny of the “pay for play” donor money. The rest is hidden in a brown envelope marked Christy’s BC Conservative Leadership Fund.

    Christy Clark has never met a camera she doesn’t like.
    There is a new opportunity for her in a future reality TV show called:

    “Pretty Little Liars … Lies and Fibs” The challenge for the contestants would be to beat the lie detector machine.

    Questions like:

    Did you make up the story about “being 13 years old and almost sexually assaulted?”

    Did BC really need to build the $12 Billion Site C Dam?

    Do you enjoy watching Grizzly Bears being killed as trophies?

    Did you really have no insider knowledge of the BC Rail sale, Health Care Filings, Triple Delete emails, Direct Awards Contracts for donor supported numbered companies, or allowing the creation of fake Liberal membership accounts, getting a tax write-off?

    Was the LNG Prosperity Fund just a lie to get re-elected?

    Christy’ s million dollar video entourage will produce the show.. Guess who will be the
    All-smiles host.

    She is spending her late evenings writing her resignation speech as a member of the BC Liberals for May 9th.

    Of course, she will accept a huge retirement pension.


  4. Hello Art, you described an old TV show, “What’s My LIne” that ran from 1950 to 1967. Yes, I’m old.

    Your list of Clark non accomplishments is much appreciated. Hopefully the silent majority will go to the polls to make sure a knowingly corrupt government is not given another four year mandate.


  5. Here are two sites that show why the Site C Dam will soon be obsolete and totally unnecessary.

    University of Victoria … no credit should go toward the BC Liberals for building the Wave Machine:

    The type of video will hold Christy Clark’s Liberals responsible for the damage they have done to the Environment and added to the changing climate.

    I hope Andrew Weaver and John Horgan will question Christy Clark on her “open, honest and transparent government” to open the books on the BC Hydro deferred debt.
    When she asks them: “How will you pay for your platform promises?”
    They should say that the payment will be made from the interest that does not have to be paid on the building and financing of the Site C Dam. The financing debt will go to foreign banks and offshore numbered companies and nameless donors.

    How can BC Hydro, ICBC and MSP be forced to pay dividends and borrow money to make the books appear as if the Liberals are fiscally responsible?
    The voters need to hear this “fake news” Accounting before May 9th.. The books are not balanced.

    Christy Clark is a liar, aids in corruption and is assisting and abetting in hiding secret agreements that will affect BC’s financial future.

    Doesn’t demonstrate much as a role-model for kids or as a mother to her son.


  6. We live in a dumbed down society today, numbed by an uncontrolled, constant media that overpowers us with their paid message.

    We have let politicians steal our democracy for their own lucrative machine, which enriches them and their political friends.

    The media of course have become friends with the government and to b e on the good side means wealth, to be on the bad side means poverty.

    We have devolved into a feudal state, where big government has become the lord and we the serfs, do as we are told to do. With each feudal lord, more and more expensive bridges, highways, dams, are built to show the prowess of the current lord.

    Those who do not fit in the new scheme of things are tossed aside; left to rot as those in power have no conscience; have no morals; are devoid of humanity.

    We live in an age of great evil and sadly, i see no end.


  7. I’ve known Peter and his family for almost 20 years. I commend him for sharing his painful experience and hope the video will help affect positive change, soon.


  8. people don’t want to accept bad things can happen to good people and they don’t want to believe their government won’t be there with the services they ought to. until people accept they are in charge of their own lives and only they can make things better, people like Christy will continue to fool them.
    Christy and the b.c. lieberals really don’t care about the citizens of this province. they are only interested in getting themselves re elected and delivering the goods to those who finance them.

    with all the problems around the province all we have seen the jean queen talk about is jobs, jobs, jobs and grow the economy. we’ve yet to see her deal with anything serious, she just similes and keeps on going like some sort of robot. we have only to look back at the deaths of the children in care. she still couldn’t stop smiling. its like if there is a camera on, she has to smile.


  9. Hello Norm:

    The BC Liberal tombstone will read: “Sincerely regretted by all who believed in them.” The New York Times article explains that governments like Christy Clark have created the climate change problems.

    It seems the past is catching up with Christy Clark. She is now realizing that all the people she ignored are questioning her performance. Like a delusional state, when she doesn’t believe or agree with protesters, she takes a liberal spin and ignores them, imagining them as “NDP Plants”.

    Would putting her $50,000 stipend helped toward food banks and homeless shelters and her re-election ploy?

    How about the extravagance of Air Christy, video entourage, first class trips to China and Malaysia? Pay for access meetings with wealthy foreign donors who have interfered with our election donation process. (China, Malaysia)

    Isn’t BC going to be affected by a sliding Canadian dollar, the filthy coal she has shipped for years and raw log exports? How about the imaginary LNG Prosperity Fund, Ship Building Industry and the “world class Oil Spill Response”? Isn’t the Steel Workers of America going to build her oil and LNG pipelines?

    The breaking of the treaty agreements with the First Nations, increase of foreign flag oil, LNG tankers, Health Care Senior Home sales to Chinese numbered consortiums and the Scrooge-like penny pinching to the public education system … is no feather in her yoga sweat band.


  10. Hello Norm: Here are two recent news worthy stories Christy Clarke is avoiding.

    A company called “Progress Energy”, a Petronas LNG subsidiary has built at least 16 water containment dams with regulatory approval.



    The article disclosed by Dermod Travis indicates that the BC Liberals with the blessing of former finance minister, Colin Hansen allows certain foreign companies to pay no taxes for two years … a scheme originally drafted by Conservative leader Brian Mulroney. (Christy Clark is really a Conservative in Liberal clothing). Dermod Travis is interviewed on CFAX radio with host Adam Sterling this morningand it is available for listening.



  11. Painfully pathetic that Canadians spent 20 billion dollars on booze this past year
    whilst our Third World People live 6 families to a small inefficient household
    Wondering how much Christy and her cabal consumed on the Public Purse?
    Also wondering if there is a conscience behind the smile ‘cum sneer??

    Myrle McIntosh
    Surrey/White Rock


  12. Hello Norm: You have to hear this and shake your head.
    A recent article in the New York Times explains the unethical performance of BC’s Christy Clarke Liberals. The “undecided voter” needs to hear the explanation on the Pamela MCCall CFAX rebroadcast. We have been “ripped off” , while the BC Liberals have helped friends, donors and themselves. She has no shame!

    Corruption: Advantage BC … Colin Hansen … this could sink Christy Clark. The New York Times reveals how the BC Liberals are breaking all the rules of “open, honest and transparent governance”. Several Liberal insiders should be charged and money should be repaid. Michael Mulligam (lawyer) explains the conflicts.


    • Thanks, Art. This should be front page on local papers, rather than the paid BC Lib wraps we’re seeing (such as in Chilliwack.)

      I’ve shared the link at Harvey Oberfeld’s site.


  13. http://www.news1130.com/2017/05/19/they-stole-my-money-greek-dreams-of-retirement-turn-sour/

    I read this and I think and feel, this is exactly what’s going on here. Not bottom yet, but well on the way. Think of all the “additional” things we’re charged and taxed on. This government says we have the lowest personal tax rate (I beg to differ) in the country. Let’s see, my ICBC was up 150 this year, did you see gas shoot up again (long weekend, but no collusion) LOL, more “carbon” taxes, property taxes continuously go up (my dad once told me back in the depression the government taxed people out of their homes, (coming to a city near you (like Greece), I pay extra “levies” on hydro, a “toll” on a “public” highway, extra “fees” on pretty well every bill that comes into my home. Add to that MSP (BC is the only province in Canada who pays this “Tax”). Banks pay next to nothing on any savings you may have, if you’re lucky. If you manage to invest anything, have any bank accounts, well there’s fees there also and seem to increase every year. The clawing back has already happened to those who are fortunate enough to have saved pension monies. So when I read this article all I could see is, it’s not only Greece. Hold on people, things are going to get tougher with no thanks to the government and friends of the government (1%, corps) The middle class isn’t so middle any more, poverty and child poverty, homelessness has increased and continues. So, like Greece, we’re on the slide also. It’s time to hold politicians to account for the demise of our societies and the raiding of hard earned future.(Past and present)


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