Independent Power Producers (IPP)

Postmedia, platform for a wealthy clique

Fraser Institute, the taxpayer supported voice of Canada’s billionaires and multimillionaires, uses the Vancouver Sun to raise a question:

…will a Horgan-led government keep the NDP’s election promise to balance the budget, and if so, how?

Well, here is one way. We can stop subsidizing natural gas producers.


list of gas revs

Provincial Natural Gas Revenues and Credits to Producers, from 2001.

Prov gas receipts

Is that insufficient to balance BC budgets? Then, let us stop paying independent power producers above market prices. That would provide billions more.


Gas and private power producers have pocketed billions of dollars that should have stayed with taxpayers. Yet, you won’t hear the Fraser Institute, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Postmedia or Global TV even hint at these indisputable facts.


2017 NDP Election Platform, Page 88

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  1. Thank you again Norm. Your concise reporting again clears the fog of Postmedia’s alternative facts, provided by the likes of the Fraser Institute. The mainstream media have become purveyors of lies and deceit, the bastion of right-wing political puppets whose strings are pulled by off shore corporations.


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