BC Hydro

Liberal friends win, taxpayers lose

Regular readers know that BC has a surplus of electricity, created mainly by BC Hydro’s steadily increasing purchases of private power, even though domestic consumption has been flat since 2005.

Export markets are unprofitable and that situation has continued for years. Proof is offered by BC selling Columbia River electricity outside the province for about one-quarter of BC Hydro’s marginal cost of power.

avg monthly purchase dollars
IPP purchases GWh
BCH Sales GWh
under table

It is unfair for Government to guarantee profitability for a favoured few by extracting the cost from residents and countless small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that face punishing increases in power rates.

Since there are no good business reasons for the government’s private power policies, clearly there must be some other, less obvious explanation. RCMP financial crimes section should add this subject to the current investigations of Liberal Party finances.


In-Sights has previously covered Narrows Inlet IPPs and these facilities are only a few of a number planned to come on stream in the near future. Provincial authorities have had opportunities to withdraw from these Sunshine Coast projects for a variety of reasons, including damage to the environment during construction. No reason, though, is more obvious than the fact BC Hydro has no need for additional high-cost power. 


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  1. BC Hydro has 90 days after end of fiscal quarters so that makes thursday the last day to post for 4th quarter year end ,90 days or prior after said date.(June 29th)

    is USA going to have BC nat gas subsidy NAFTA lawsuit next?


  2. We do need to experiment with alternative energies, apparently not just with the technologies, but the scale and modus operandi as well. Large private developments that have more pull for their own benefits look like a failed experiment.


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