Reader’s rant

Stranger_logo_tFrom a regular reader who has grown frustrated with the amount of self-serving BS that spills regularly into our world:

There are too many people who do not produce or add value to tangible goods and have sought refuge as proclaimed journalists, lobbyists, communication consultants, ministerial appointees, public board members, political party back roomers etc. etc. etc.

They are deathly afraid of losing their jobs and take whatever position ensures continuing paycheques rather than fearlessly reporting facts about what is best for the people of this province. No effort is put into investigative journalism.

What will these people do when their toilet plugs and they find all the plumbers moved out of town due to the inflated cost of living? That would make for a good cartoon.

Truth is they are not that smart and would be decimated in a YouTube debate with any of our esteemed local bloggers… or dare I say any of their regular commenters.

Just a rant here… get a real job I say… lest your employer catches on


(Who once was told if you drive a forklift, make sure there is a pallet on it, even if it’s empty. That way, it’ll look like you are on a mission to do something productive.)

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  1. Oh my God! Love, love this rant. I have known many of the politicians and press over the years. I sit here day after day watching the Legislature in session, putting off grocery shopping etc. I often wonder who they are there for? Do they look in the mirror every morning and see themselves or a pay cheque and a pension? Very sad. Arlene

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  2. Norm’s “Rant” reader hit another hot button. “The pallet with something on it.” Back in the early nineteen eighties the GM truck dealer I worked for back east uncerimonously closed it’s doors. i was fortunate to seemlessly pick up employment with a GM owned truck dealership that of course was union sanctioned. I had to get used to something out of my comfort zone. As a partsman I was told to always have paper in my hand. Why? Well of course that told those around me that I was on a mission.


  3. The rant is interesting. Once a politician gets in, most learn quickly to circle the wagons to protect their positions. They’ve forgotten that it is “ the power of one” who gets things done. It becomes a mission to attract the most votes rather than getting the necessary tough jobs completed.
    Lately, there is a trend in government to support the larger corporations. Example:
    Bell Media makes billions, yet lays off employees due to “belt tightening”.
    Newspapers (Thompson, Black) close, fire good journalists then ask for government handouts.
    Large banks are dismissing their tellers and promoting online B2B banking with foreign call centres while helping to hide corporate donors accounts to avoid paying their fair share of Canadian taxes.

    We should be alarmed that there is a mission to keep us drugged, drunk, live with constant debt, Internet entertained and live on a minimum annual income so that we will neither care or show up to vote. As slaves to politicians, … Ignorance is bliss.


  4. Something Rafe Mair once said on air years ago has stuck with me and applies to Motorcycleguy’s excellent rant.

    He suggested one way of assessing an individual is to consider his or her suitability should you both be stranded on a very remote desert island. What would that person bring to the situation in terms of overall life experience, ingenuity, intellect, and trustworthiness that would enhance your chances of survival?

    I wonder if any of us would choose many or any current local members of the professions listed in Motorcycleguy’s first paragraph?


  5. Of course. The name of the game is…LIVE OFF YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! Donate $$$ to the pleasingly corrupt political machine(high school clique)currently in charge,get a sweetheart deal on royalties,taxes,utilities,permits,licensing,etc.,etc.. THEN get a tax write-off for $$$, then claim poverty,or fiscal responsibility, or shareholders interests,and shake the tin cup under the nose of the tax PAYERS, use the$$$ to buy 1/2 price land from the TAXPAYER, ‘develop’said land,claim more of above,and,when the time is right, offshore the $$$, grab the go bag, and head for the airport. Any (surprise!)environmental costs can be solved with TAXPAYERS $$$,as can any fumblebumming of utilities,fire coverage,bus routes,road maintenance,snow clearance etc.,etc.. All it takes is the initial stake of$$$,and if you know the right people,you can likely borrow it. See? Only an idiot (TAXPAYER!) could fail to get rich($$$), which would make them a loser,cuz thats how you prove youre a winner. Well,that and the$$$.


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