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Inactivity will continue

I hope to resume online participation soon but illness continues to be a problem. I regret not having had a flu shot this season because I’ve experienced the worst case in my lifetime. After suffering kidney damage last year from interactions between prescription medications and ibuprofen, those functions were slowly improving. Until this bout of flu. I’m better now than I was but still not comfortable.

The plan is to wait and watch until my next visit with the specialist in three weeks but, while feeling poorly, I can’t pay close attention to the subjects I usually write about.

I’ll return when phyically ready. Thanks to all the readers who’ve made inquiries.

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  1. Very sorry to hear about your ill health. Best wishes for a quick and complete recovery so you can once again put out those very insightful columns!


  2. Lots of chicken broth, with large amounts of vita D3 and it’s synergistic cohorts will kick it faster Norm. Mine lasted 4 days, and for 2 of them I was afraid I wasn’t going to die. This year’s version was truly nasty, just give yourself time, fluids, rest. We’ll hold you up in our thoughts.


  3. Turns out there were 2 flu strains this year. One late fall, another this winter. I know. I contracted both and nasty is a good descriptor. Also can relate to ibuprofen’s effects on us. Many people are reactive to this medicine, seems my heart beats erratically the times I took it. Doctor said to cease popping those. Chicken broth and fluids and rest Norm. Be well, we need you, our friend.


  4. Get well, be well. The shit will continue apace and best not to let it interfere with personal well-being for the nonce. I look forward to posts when they happen and when your health lets you vent at full volume.


  5. The headline to your post had me expecting some insight about TansLink. Sorry to read it’s about the fact and the reason you’re on the shelf for a bit.

    ‘Tis healthy to be sick sometimes. – Henry David Thoreau

    Looking forward to the headline that proclaims activity will resume.


  6. So sorry to hear this nasty flu has clutched at you. Lots of good advice given.
    The fastest way out is through so give in, don’t fight it and watch/listen to things that make you laugh. Holding good thoughts for a speedy return to health…


  7. Do take care. Lots of chicken soup and hot and sour soup, bed rest, tea, water, etc.

    Take care of yourself and rest. We will all be here when you are better. Take care of those kidneys!


  8. Norm, sorry to hear that you’ve had a nasty case of the flu. There have been some very nasty bugs going around. Sending you lots of warm wishes for getting better.


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