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In the article More Energy Ministry duplicity, I wrote:

Deputy Minister Dave Nikolejsin’s employment cost taxpayers almost $350,000 in the last fiscal year, including $90,255 in expenses, an amount that was more than $25,000 higher than any other DM or ADM.

How does one bureaucrat spend near $2,000 a week on expenses?

Since this public servant appeared to have spent much time away from his office, I chose to look a little more thoroughly at Nikolejsin’s travel expenses. The table below is for the last two calendar years.

We should note that his average monthly spending after the Horgan Government took office is half what it was in the preceding 19 months.

Nikolejsin 480

It appears the amounts reported as travel expenses are for movements outside of Victoria and would not include entertainment, meals, greens fees, club expenses and other payments.

While we can look at travel expenses, the BC Government believes in less than a full degree of transparency in personnel spending. Just try to get information on the very generous pensions offered BC’s most senior public servants.

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  1. perhaps Mr. Eby’s dept. ought to have a look at these expenses. $2K a week. thousands of people don’t even earn that as salary in this province and that person just gets it by filling out an “expense” claim form. Don’t know what they were doing, but it needs an investigation, that is for sure.


  2. Dave Nikolejsin’s other duties, includes serving as the Chair on the BC Oil and Gas Commission and he is not permitted to draw two salaries but he does incur expenses to travel to and from to attend one meeting in 2017 and there isn’t any information provided (see note below on page 23 link) therefore his main gig must be picking up the tab expense at the BCOGC. His Vice-Chair and his Director attended 11.5 meetings each with the last gentleman racking up $6,450. Remuneration $0 is on page 23



    The Chinese government has taken over Anbang which now owns many retirement homes in BC.


    “It’s clear that there were warning signs that were ignored about what we knew and what we didn’t know,” said Don Davies, Vancouver-Kingsway MP and the NDP federal health critic, adding that Retirement Concepts, which operates almost 25 facilities for seniors in B.C. get tens of millions of dollars a year from the provincial health care system.”


    • Retirement Concepts was owned by Iranian/Canadian millionaires.
      Chinese ownership ?
      Who cares.
      The properties are here . The beds are here. The staff are here..

      Unless of course the ultimate goal of the Chinese govt is to kick everyone out and let that ” real estate investment ” sit vacant like so many other empty houses in BC…..?


  4. Tease me again. What did he spend it on?
    I’d like to see copies of the blank cheques we’ve paid out to these seniors.
    I feel like if drawn a blank on this at my own bank.


  5. Most folks I speak with these days consider the cost of goods and services to be an attack on their personal budgets and standard of living; the forces of the open market are fingered for blame. The evidence from history and various financial statement say other wise.
    The familiar measure is the CPI and it is sometime used in setting incomes for workers and pensioners. Over the past ten years the official CPI index shows an increase of +17 %.
    But wait , I hear, my experience is an increase of my cost of living that is a lot greater than +17% and you would be correct.
    Calculation of the index explicitly excludes prices for those goods and services that are not determined in the open market.
    What would they be then? How about bridge tolls, transit fares, BC Ferries rates, electricity rates, property taxes, ICBC rates, personal and corporate income taxation, garbage collection fees , the list goes on .
    A ten year look back at BC Ferry rates, at ICBC rates ; at property taxes , at BCHydro rates would show a +25 % increase or a lot more over the same 10 years, double or more of the CPI.
    So who is the enemy we should fear most, not the open market, but certainly our elected representatives. They and those hanging around with politicians have worked out that abusing monopoly conditions can be lucrative.
    This condition is evident in the numbers for personal travel posted by Norm , just more of the same self-indulgent living off the taxpayers of BC.


    • Total agreement.
      BC Hydro, ICBC, BC Ferries.
      Unaccountable, bloated beurocracies.
      Until the govt stops viewing its voters as an endless source of taxable revenue…..we are doomed.


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