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Open letter to BC NDP

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Dear Premier, Ministers and MLA’s

The recent revelations about the supposed “decision process” regarding continuing with Site C, as detailed by Sarah Cox, are totally unacceptable. The public now knows that there never was any intention, despite your public statements, to Stop Site C.

Your government has stooped to the lowest level possible, sacrificed First Nations’ Treaty Rights, prime agricultural lands and potential, disregarded the environmental devastation, climate change carbon sequestration, public safety, downstream impacts, incurring fisheries harm, and financial well-being of OUR utility, without our consent.

You promised, you stated prior to being elected, repeatedly, that the project should be terminated. You lacked the courage to make a simple decision. You sacrificed your integrity. For what? For whom?

Many of us, not just this single, long time supporter of the NDP, are distraught over this information and what we thought was “our” government. Some of us are devastated. Some will NEVER support NDP again.

It is still a long way from “too late” to stop Site C. Do not be fooled by ex-Liberal government staff, functioning in last century’s thinking. WE DO NOT NEED SITE C POWER!!! There is NO justification for Site C.


Thank you, Sincerely,
Roger Bryenton, P. Eng (former), MBA,
Energy Systems Consultant, Vancouver

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  1. John Horgan, are you really bereft of human conscience? Many of us believed in you. Was it just more political rhetoric? Your union friends matter more than the mainstream BC taxpayer? Then what sets your government apart from Wilkinson’s Christy Clark Liberals?

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    • Salal Lou…it seems to me that the only difference that sets Mr. Horgan apart is the color of his hair. Other than that, they’re bosom buddies with the same goals at the end of the day.

      As Roger stated, some will never support the NDP again. I’m one of them, as are the 9 that I convinced to vote NDP this time…to give them a chance to right a lot of Liberal wrongs over the past 16 years. I will never again step up for a politician as this last election proved to me (more than all those before), that all politicians are the same.

      He lost his soul for a chance at the big seat, only he’ll be able to say in the end whether or not it was worth it.

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  2. The Dam is being built to satisfy the Chinese government. Note thei huge Chinese investments and Chinese labour along with the purchase of Canadian Intelligence.
    36 million Canadians had better start learning the Chinese language so that we will understand what the new labour agreements and construction contracts are –
    being dictated upon the province of BC.
    Consider how Asia will fuel their cars (Billion +) and factories … LNG and dirty oil that will be refined and resold to us at a huge premium price. China has stated that they will be the dominant global power by 2050. The ports/terminals of Vancouver and Kitimat will be up for sale to fill the federal coffers … with a “promise to clean up all the eventual oil spills”.
    Canadian politicians are taking the short term financial gain and to let this happen. “To Hell with the First Nations, future generations and the Environment” .. is their mentality.
    Watch closely, as provincial politicians start running in local municipal elections – jumping from the NDP ship.
    Example: Nanaimo’s next Mayor will be an NDP sailor.

    The BC Liberals had a plan to flood the Family Farm (Peace River agricultural land) … the NDP are continuing the contamination of our drinking water, coast line and our environment with unethical practices (broken Treaty agreements), fracked LNG, expensive electricity and dirty tar sands oil.

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  3. Did the NDP never look at Muskrat Falls or Keeyask dams? They are total disasters and were before the Liberals started Site C. Why cannot politicians learn from others mistakes? It is seer lunacy to continue Site C.

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  4. “Do not be fooled by ex-Liberal government staff”. I am thinking “fooled” is too generous of a past participle. Try “clandestinely colluded with”. As a matter of fact, it really isn’t in the past….it is still going on…..just easier now that the “clandestine” part is no longer a requirement.

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  5. Unfortunately we the voters, in a first past the post “DEMOCRACY”, have not come to grips with the power of the “WHIP” system and the power of unelected lobbyists. Site C is a perfect demonstration of narrow private interest having control of what we citizens foolishly think is a system responsible to us. Crown Corporations are evil as far as the greedy are concerned and in the caee of BC Rail, BC Hydro, public education , public health and ICBC the greedy have won.
    Good luck BC

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  6. The politicians in BC need to come to grips with the fact that if we continue to ignore the true NDP provenance, such as the need for an industrial strategy, as advocated by David Lewis, and the foundations of social and economic democracy, as proclaimed in the 1933 Regina Manifesto, we will continue to see countries that have got their act together in terms of economic sovereignty, [i.e., China], gobble us up.

    The 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is a project that we could engage with to ensure that we put comparative economic advantage principles to work for everyone in areas of health services and the whole range of areas where we have to be operating at the level of the best technology standards in the world. An empowered local population is able to defend local self determination. A society that knuckles under to phoney neoliberal principles of letting the market determine everything, will destroy the capacity of our people to control our future.

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  7. Thank you Roger Bryenton for writing this succinct, well-informed open letter. Based on my 30+ years of field experience in soils and vegetation science consulting in BC, I fully appreciate why Site C is such a malicious slow-motion environmental, social and financial catastrophe, which must be stopped immediately. As Albert Einstein said (attributed) “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    In addition to pulling my support for John Horgan’s government the moment he endorsed this BC Liberal Government nightmare project. I also believe that Dr. Andrew Weaver’s Green Party failed us, by continuing to support Horgan’s NDP government.

    With all the associated collateral damage, Site C is far from green/clean energy, like you (Dr. Weaver) have suggested — you hold the balance of power. Unfortunately, I can no longer support you either. No political party worthy of support in BC!

    Sarah Cox’s new book “Breaching the Peace” (2018) is next on my reading list. I recommend Wendy Holm’s (editor) strongly informative “Damming the Peace: the hidden costs of the Site C dam” (2018).

    Thank you Norm Farrell for In-Sights!

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  8. The NDP have become the “Know Nothing” party, because they know nothing.

    The NDP are a politcal party run by junta of union leaders and special interest groups and is paralyzed by articulate debate.

    The NDP lost the last election and only gained bower by forming government with the Green party.

    Fair enough, this is how parliamentary democracy works, but the NDP in their utter arrogance, combined with a complete ignorance of history, are busily sewing the seeds of their defeat in the next election.

    The party is in complete turmoil and with the incompetence of the likes of former leader Carol James and Adrian Dix (former leaders should retire and gracefully leave the public trough) have created an unwinnable election when the coalition collapses and it will soon as long time NDP MLA, Lennard Krog is jumping ship to the calmer waters of civic politics. This shoul not happen in a fragile government.

    Horgan is a mere monkey dancing to the tune of junta, playing the part of an organ grinder.

    Never has so much hope, been dashed so quickly, by a government so intent to welcome defeat in the next election.

    With Horgan, it is simple as “Stupid does, as stupid is told to do”.

    Adios NDP, your time is going to come – come far sooner than you think.

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  9. Mr. Bryenton expresses very forcefully the thoughts and emotions of many who are disquieted by Mr. Horgan’s refusal to step forward and specifically address factual incongruities on this and other issues.

    Mr. Horgan and his political party did not win the popular vote, nor did they win the most seats. They are in power only because of a decision reached by Andrew Weaver and elected members of the BC Greens, who signed a confidence and supply agreement containing these clauses:

    “The BC Green MLAs will neither move, nor vote non-confidence during the term of this agreement, so long as the principle of good faith and no surprises has been observed.”

    “The BC New Democrat Government will consult the BC Green Party Caucus on:
    – Broad outline of the government’s legislative programme;
    – Legislation to be introduced in the House;
    – Major policy issues;
    – Broad budget parameters;
    – Events/policy changes with provincial or budgetary implications.

    To ensure that the BC Green Party Caucus is informed about the policy agenda of the government, the BC New Democrat Government agrees to provide access to key documents and officials.”

    “BC Green support for policy and legislation which does not relate to confidence or
    supply is not subject to this agreement and will be decided on an issue by issue basis. “

    On June 14, 2018 Mr. Weaver stated the following on Twitter, in response to my suggestion that he should inform us what he’s specifically doing to determine the truth about the timing of the NDP Site C decision:

    “It is the BC NDP, not the BC Greens, who should be explaining their actions. To this day we maintain unequivocally that the BC NDP made a very bad decision. We are unsatisfied with the rationale that has been provided to us. We remain profoundly concerned about cost overruns.”

    Now, given that the NDP/BC Green agreement requires the NDP to consult with the Greens on major policy issues with provincial or budgetary issues in good faith with no surprises and to provide access to key documents and officials, it would appear that Mr. Weaver should be fully apprised of the process used (including the timing) by the NDP to reach the decision to proceed with Site C. Surely he would make every attempt to nail down the facts about what he calls a very bad decision with an unsatisfactory rationale that has him profoundly concerned.

    He would be well advised to let us know precisely what he knows about this apparent duplicity. Otherwise he risks being a party to it.


  10. I, like most others, have enough trouble coping with our day to day problems without getting embroiled with these issues. Especially when we consider what our options are: standing on the sidelines cheering the brave and dedicated few that have commented above, getting out and voting (did that, to no avail), or cursing silently and ‘getting along with life’. Some of us are looking forward to early expirement, leaving the problem to ‘others’.
    I worried for a long time about the future for my kids and grand kids (gave up on great grand kids – they’re too far out in the future, if there is one.) Then I gave up. Worrying, that is. Life seems to be less stressful and I’m solving about the same amount of problems that I was when I was worrying.
    Try to have a great day in spite of political certainties!


  11. Trump or Kim Jung Un could stop the Site C Dam as they both have the same mentality.
    Much like fracking for LNG , the “Double Oxadiazole” Nitrogen molecule could have devastating consequences to the fault lines near the Site C Dam. Sadly, this could be more effective than any Tariff Trump places on Canadians.
    I really hope foreign militaries will not apply this technology for economic advantage, global dominance or interfer with the environment.

    CNN news: “Double oxadiazole could replace TNT.
    As the military looks to phase out toxic TNT, chemists have created a new nitrogen-packed molecule with promising properties.”


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