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  1. She has a great voice! The message was funning and scary, all at the same time. Some of the visuals, well they had me laughing. I think they ought to play this song at least once a day everywhere. What it did for me, was half way through, change my mind about proportional representation. I think I might vote for it now.

    I was just watching Trey Goudy in the Congressional hearings, it was like the Macarthy hearings all over again, some rudeness, same everything, with worse haircuts. then you look at Doug Ford, no lets not, almost first out the gate, axing the new sex ed. program in Ontario and bringing back the old. Yes, perhaps we are too stupid for democracy. What people tend to think is the majority rules, but they forget the other part, NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE MINORITY. There has to be some “eveness” and that has been forgotten. Its we have our hands in the cookie jar and we’re going to make out like bandits and forget about the rest of the population. Some governments do make an effort, but not enough.


  2. I’d say it’s worse than that. It’s not that majority rules, rather the party rules which succeeds in convincing a majority that their party is the lesser of the two evils. That’s assuming the voting process itself is not rigged, which would make it even worse. And then the party doesn’t do what it promised to do. So ‘majority rules’ doesn’t really apply at all.


  3. Anyone who believes we have a Democratic Government in Canada is ill informed at the very least. We have become the victims of a system of our own creation.


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