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Meet the new boss? Nothing new here. Same old, same old boss…

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Rick Koechl & Mike Kroecher provided a more accurate picture of BC Hydro than offered by our cheerful politicians. This is a part of the article in Glacier Media’s Alaska Highway News:

Will reviews sweep BC Hydro problems under the rug?

…It seems our new energy minister would like to spin some good news for a change about BC Hydro’s financial situation. For instance, she has recently stated that Chris O’Riley, the newly appointed chief operating officer for BC Hydro, has been doing a “fantastic job … I am continually impressed.”

Lest we forget, only three months ago Mungall made an entirely different observation, stating BC Hydro was in a “financial mess.” Now, unless there are miracle workers in Hydroland and within the NDP, her latest comments are highly suspect.

Mungall further compliments O’Riley, stating he comes with a “fantastically large broom to clean up any mess.”

There’s that word again, fantastic.

Mungall concedes BC Hydro has a “brand new leadership team, and are able to take on the challenges that are before them.”

Not true. This is not a new team. O’Riley had been merely bumped up the line after the departure of Jessica MacDonald as CEO.

Brad Bennett is also gone as chair of the board of directors, along with Jack Weisgerber, who was immediately reappointed to the Williston Reservoir Fish and Wildlife Compensation Fund. The rest of BC Hydro’s board members have remained, along with the majority of the senior advisors and administrators at BC Hydro.

Meet the new boss? Nothing new here. Same old, same old boss…

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  1. OMG, they really need to get with the agenda because this just isn’t going to work. As electricity rates go up and pensions and wages don’t people are going to mightly pissed.

    Perhaps its time to remove the Cabinet Minister and find a new MLA who can do the job. Sounds like this one has some problems figuring which way is up.

    Now lets hear from the Greens as to what they have to say about B.C. Hydro and all the mess going on there. Very quiet there mr. phd.


  2. Thank you again Norm. My trust in John’s NDP was misplaced. We so need a viable alternative that we can count on. We’re not there yet. The surprise to me? The NDP had many voters fed up with the status quo on their side. They blew it. Christy Clark to John Horgan was almost a seamless transition. That, for trusting Canadians is extremely sad.


  3. Hello Norm:

    Once again, BC Hydro is using outdated technology. They are using a large broom that will take several overpaid executives to operate.

    If they believed in efficiency, they would build the world’s largest vacuum cleaner and plug it into a Site C Dam outlet. Of course, it will not be energy efficient and will blow the fuses. The top executives will then declare that they need to build a larger, more expensive Dam.

    Conclusion: BC Hydro has built a vacuum that has sucked in the NDP and it’s intended purpose is to suck cash from BC Taxpayers. The vacuum bag will fill with deceit, unaccountability and pay for hydro and politician’s pensions.

    Seems the Legistative building floors will never truly be clean. The operating manual appears to be tweeted from Trump-like characters. “Fantastic job, continually impressed.”


  4. The real question will be, with the tremendous advancement of solar technology and storage capacity in the last few years and going forward, what is going to happen when the average person can fulfil their lifetime power needs for the price of a cheap car? Who will be paying BC Hydro’s massive contractual obligations?

    I would have to believe the BC government will take on all that debt . It must be really bad there if the NDP won’t just gleefully lay it at the BC Liberals feet.

    Hey John if you want me to ever even consider voting for your party again just open the books and give it straight to the taxpayers. We heard about fast ferries for a decade and a half and yet i haven’t heard a peep from you except for the photo op union love-in since the election. How about you buy some airtime and tell the people about the real state of the provinces finances.

    People on this site know about the huge give away to the LNG polluters, people at this site know about the HUGE giveaway to the IPP’s , the whole province knows that the BC Liberals basically bankrupted ICBC then dropped it in your lap one week after the election. 34 % of the electorate still support arguably the worst government in BC history.

    Rob Ford called and inquiry into the Ontario Liberals financial “misdeeds” in a couple weeks after he was elected, that’s how the right does it John. Why does the left turn so weak kneed as soon as they take the reins when all they had to do is expose the truth about the BC Liberal record of financial disaster, BC Hydro being by far the worst thats yet to come.

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  5. I’m sorry folks. I just abandoned ship. I went solar.
    No more Hydro, no more crooks,
    I’m an IPP, or so it looks!

    I will continue to keep abreast of the situation as I’m sure
    it’s just not that easy to escape the clutches of these scurrilous bastards.


  6. Just returned from an annual ten-day visit to northern Alberta where the communications do not include cell service, but do involve chats around the campfire with current and retired workers from Fort McMurray. As the sole BC representatives, my wife and I held our own without being tossed into the lake or the campfire but as you might expect, John Horgan’s name came up frequently. The best I could offer in his defence was that I think he does the easy things well.

    As Rafe used to say, that was damning him with very faint praise.


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