Bright and breezy days go dark

With alternative energy prices dropping steadily, when the Horgan Government announced its decision to keep building Site C, I expected opponents would be entitled eventually to say, “We told you so.”

I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

Power Worth Less Than Zero Spreads as Green Energy Floods the Grid, Bloomberg News, August 5, 2018:

Bright and breezy days are becoming a deeper nightmare for utilities struggling to earn a return on traditional power plants.

With wind and solar farms sprouting up in more areas — and their power getting priority to feed into the grid in many places — the amount of electricity being generated is outstripping demand during certain hours of the day.

The result: power prices are slipping to zero or even below more often in more jurisdictions… Once confined to a curiosity for a few hours over windy Christmas holidays, sub-zero cost of electricity is becoming a reality for hundreds of hours in many markets, upending the economics of the business in the process…

It’s left the utilities complaining that they can’t earn the returns they expected for their investment in generation capacity…

“Bill Gates became the richest bloke on Earth off the end of the mainframe,” said Neil Eckert, chairman of Aggregated Micro Power Holdings Plc, an energy services company that installs small power plants. “We are seeing the end of the energy mainframe. The world will have to learn new techniques — how to invest in small-scale distributed energy.”

One thing is certain. BC Hydro managers and Government minions are worried about now established trends in renewable energy. Here’s some evidence.

In 2011, the energy department announced $20,000 grants to 11 public and private schools.

solar 440

The webpage, which is still up, it invites readers to click for more information.

solar 2 440

But, follow the links and you’ll find they are dead: “’s server IP address could not be found.”

Not long ago, the BC Government was encouraging and subsidizing solar installations. The agency that promised to put solar on 100,000 rooftops by 2020 has now gone away.

solar 3 500.jpg

Consider also BC Hydro’s elimination of incentives for installation of solar energy. While the rest of the world is adopting solar because of falling prices and rising efficiencies, British Columbia is turning away.

The province won’t now admit that solar power potential is huge and economical. If they did, voters would wonder why BC Hydro is borrowing $11 billion, destroying valuable farmlands and breaking promises to indigenous people, just to reward political friends.

If BC had a Press Gallery or an Official Opposition that cared a damn about the public interest, Site C would be a giant issue.

Sadly, wildfires and property taxes on multi-million dollar mansions are more important.

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  1. How can the NDP and Green coalition be so blind? How can they even look another person in BC in the eye and explain why they are urinating money down a black hole that leads only to darkness. It is insane! The best farmland being lost to a lake, the demise of the Athabasca Delta, the lies to all the First Nations in the area and all the money being burnt up in old technology. It truly is sad and a commentary on how our long-term vision in politics does not work.

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  2. Congratulations on your decision to run for North Vancouver School Board. Hopefully you will be able to encourage schools to offer lessons on renewable generation. Should there be difficulty getting real-time data, Hudson’s Hope could hopefully help fill the gap. This spring, the District completed 500 Kw of solar generation capacity. Real-time data (real-time generation, GHG’s being displaced, etc)for each of the 9 sites is now being looped through on a large screen at the District office and will soon be available on-line.
    Go to and click on “Our Solar Energy.” Then scroll down a bit further to “HH Solar Fast Facts,” to get data on each of the installations.


  3. Certainly congrats to you Norm for stepping up to the plate to run for your school board. The constituents that you would represent if elected can look forward to well thought analysis.


  4. Borrowing $11B???? holy F… that is a lot of money. which I’d rather spend on health care and weed. Well if there is a lot of weed I might not care about being so dam old.

    $11B in added debt is not a good thing because amongst other things, interests rates may go up before that money is repaid. If electricity by hydro dams isn’t being sold, the taxpayers will have to re pay that money. it might be nice that some are working on the dam right now, but is it worth $11B.

    Spending even a billion on solar now, would reduce the need for dams. it would be a much better bang for the buck. In the changing climate, I don’t see flooding decent farm land as an option. We may need every sq. inch of that farm land as other farm land can no longer be sustained.

    I know where the NDP is coming on this, but the Greens, that needs an answer, but as I’ve always suggested, the leader of the greens is just a B.C. Lieberal in a slightly shabby, suit.

    The province has a serious problem this summer and for the past few summers. We need to leave the rivers alone. We need to leave the land alone. As wild herds of animals become extinct, we ought not to be destroying their habitat. This dam will only contribute to the demise of animals and humans. You know haven’t heard a word from those Greens about any of this.


  5. Horgan and the Geoff Meggs lead NDP are nothing more than Christi Clark/BC Liberal Lite.

    They are yesterdays people, championing yesterday’s projects, paid for by tomorrows money.

    Their ossified thinking is nothing more than a gross embarrassment to today’s taxpayers.

    Campbell’s & Clark’s crew made political corruption and criminality common place, but Horgan and his lot are making it acceptable in a true Trumpian style.

    Site C will be a mega billion dollar white elephant and will sentence the NDP to the opposition benches for decades, if they can garner any votes at all.

    My god, how have w come to this?

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  6. With Horgan/Meggs/Tieleman building site C for LNG compression and Trudeau/Morneau/Notley buying KMX with our future tax revenues (a whopping 1.9 billion extra just announced yesterday/a further $52 per resident) one can only draw the conclusion that all the centrist/campaign leftists have completely flipped their rockers. The evolution of technology stops for no one, this fact is lost on all these campaign contribution whores.


  7. Speaking of wildfires, I would’ve thought that THAT would be a good reason for NOT building the damned Site C dam. Fiddling around with how nature works in this day and age might be really catastrophic. Changing how the water flows might dry it up completely and we could end having a desert there.


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