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Disinformation campaign

propagandaJohn Horgan’s Government is condoning a disinformation campaign that would make despots of the world proud. And, we’re paying billions because of it.

Corporate media today published BC Hydro propaganda under the guise of authentic news. An example from Canadian Press:

B.C. Hydro says smartphone, tablet, ‘obsession’ behind shift in electricity use

…B.C.’s obsession with devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets has hiked electricity use for small electronics by 150 per cent in less than 30 years.

…Hydro president Chris O’Riley says the desire to be connected is driving B.C.’s shift in power usage.

“While none of these devices use a lot a power individually, taken together, household electricity use from these devices has increased from seven per cent to 17 per cent since the early 1990s,” O’Riley says in a news release…

A little over 11 years ago, Apple announced its first i-Phone. Eight years ago, the company introduced the iPad. Laptops have been around for years but modern versions use much less power than early versions.

O’Riley spoke of the changing use of electronic devices over 30-years but the last few years are the only relevant periods.

Lighting, small motors and cooking appliances are substantial users of electricity – much more than personal electronics – and all of these are far more efficient than old devices.

That’s why electricity demand has been flat for years.

As demonstrated by BC Hydro’s audited records, the utility has had no growth in deliveries of electricity to its residential, commercial and industrial customers since 2005, despite population growth of 16%. All the utility has experienced since then is an 83% rise in prices, more than three times the rate of inflation.

When government, its agencies and highly paid executives resort to telling lies to justify mega projects, be assured the business case is extraordinarily weak or non-existent.

Canadian Press and other media properties repeated Chris O’Riley’s misinformation without examination or attempt to balance lies with truth. This is an indictment of journalism in British Columbia today.


President Christopher O’Riley may pretend that smartphones, laptops and tablets dictate BC Hydro’s future. He’s ignoring reality, because the real future includes citizens and businesses going off the grid:

ecolock-kelonwa 475.jpg

The new mixed-use EcoLock building in Kelowna is designed using non-toxic and low-carbon materials. It will capture rainwater and generate its own clean electricity.

Airdrie, a community with population about the size of Port Coquitlam, 20 km north of Calgary’s International Airport, emphasizes changes in the electric utility business.

The city plans installation of rooftop solar panels on Genesis Place — a multi-purpose recreational facility. This single facility will produce 1.4 gigawatt hours a year.

It will be Alberta’s largest but Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown said he expects to lose that title quickly because large public facilities elsewhere are suitable for solar power collection.

After federal and provincial contributions, Airdrie’s cost is about half a million dollars but they expect to save $3 million over 30 years.


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  1. Norm, please tell us, if you are elected to the school board (I have no doubt you will be carried in on a landslide) will you still be delivering your blog? It would be a tragedy to lose you writing here!

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    • Thanks for your vote of confidence but election is anything but assured. I’m conducting a no-budget campaign and the cost of signs, brochures and newspaper advertising is substantial. Eight people compete for NVD places on the School Board so there is no slam dunk for anyone. 2014 turnout of voters in my community was only 23% so it is not simple to make effective contact with people who will cast ballots.

      I don’t see any reason that I would not be able to continue In-Sights if elected a Trustee. I would be limited in what I could report on local education matters but that’s never been a focus of this site.

      To be honest, when government changed in 2017, I thought the need for In-Sights would disappear. Was I ever mistaken.

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  2. “To be honest, when government changed in 2017, I thought the need for In-Sights would disappear. Was I ever mistaken.”

    You and so many others Norm! Our hope was badly misplaced, and well-played by NDP hacks. It appears to me that Christy and ilk need to sit back and take lessons on how to deceive, then do as you please. Mr. Horgan and Mr. Weaver are both giving Master Classes. For free. More or less.

    Sadly, who do we vote FOR in the next election?! Both parties are just more of the same – it doesn’t matter which one you vote for with these toads. Either, either, or…it’s the same garbage in the end. Lib, Con, NDP. Not a single one worth voting for.

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  3. What can one do?
    Be involved with the protest of your liking, and never donate to a Mainstream Political Party.
    Democracy’s action is on street. We are it.
    I remember when you could vote for the Rhinoceros party as a joke, and people thought what a waste of a vote.
    How things have changed in our sentiment.
    On the ballot I’d like to see a box marked “none of the above”.
    It would be an indication from the populace all is not well.
    If the overall percentage of the popular vote was ??? an old fashioned joker for the legislature would be hired by an email vote by us to represent us. Financed by deducting from the all the MLA’s salaries so we are all equal.
    Suddenly one thinks of motivation in the politic.
    The opposite idea of the Senate but serving the same purpose. Balance.
    Keep smiling.

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  4. Spreading false news
    181 Every one who wilfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.
    • R.S., c. C-34, s. 177.

    One of these days…

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    • Catherine, you raise an interesting question. Bitcoin mining is a huge energy hog, and casinos and real estate may not be the only thing attracting offshore money here. If BC Hydro is trying to use the increased demand as a justification for Site C without specifying where it’s coming from and explaining that the improvement in Bitcoin mining technology and the nature of the chain structure itself guarantees steady decline in future demand, then we have another reason to believe proceeding with Site C is a shaky proposition.

      I found these exchanges on a Bitcoin forum interesting:

      “Hi everyone I’m already mining in China ( I bought Eth and S9 machines in China and the supplier who sold the machines has a farm in Sichuan-China and I put all my machines there, they are charging me just for the electricity around 0.05USD/kwh). Due a lot of problem with a lot of Farms in China I’m looking to start building mine in Canada (Vancouver or inside of British Columbia). Anyone can give some advices. I’m just trying to start the project. My machines still running in China but I want to find a better place, stability and security. I appreciate your comments”

      “Oh, I see. Well, I do know a person or two involved in mining in British Columbia, but they keep everything a secret. It’s a very competitive field I don’t even know where the facilities are… he used to set up other people’s miners and take a small cut of the mining profits. I could ask if he still does that if anybody is interested.”

      “We are setting up a large facility in lower mainland BC and should be operational Mach 2018. PM if interested. Thanks.”

      Is BC Hydro accepting requests that Hydro-Quebec is not?


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      • Lew, I think Eby has figure out how, the problem is that money laundering has snared many NDP and NDP/Visionistas, having an inquiry would be like having a slow moving train wreck.

        Every city with a casino is suspect and with the almost non existent rules for civic politicians and their reluctance to accept change, means they are all complicit.

        Why do you think they are building a new casino in Delta?

        The local villains will have it much easier to launder their money in Delta police territory than in RCMP territory.

        It is breathtaking how local politicians can be bought and the number of plain brown manila envelopes are used to make a financial point.

        An inquiring into money laundering will be like setting off a nuclear device, complete devastation of BC’s political system.


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