Whoppers, big and small

Charles Adler believes we should speak clearly. However, he said nothing about speaking accurately, a quality not always compatible with political propaganda.

Adler mocks the Liberal Party’s false claim that 9,000 jobs would disappear if criminal charges proceed against SNC-Lavalin. But, the Corus Radio broadcaster didn’t stop there; he added an even larger falsehood.

Adler’s claim that 100,000 jobs in Alberta and Saskatchewan have gone away is probably based on talking points created by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. CAPP’s business partner, Canada’s largest newspaper chain, amplified the assertion without regard for its veracity.

Claudio Cattaneo began her career as a journalist but is ending it as one of Postmedia’s fossil fuel promoters. She blamed the loss of 100,000 jobs on governments of Alberta and Canada, saying they were “more interested in accelerating the transition to green energy than supporting workers in oil and gas.”

However, labour reports available from Statistics Canada prove that 100,000 lost oil and gas jobs are as imaginary as the Trudeau Government’s 9,000 jobs at SNC-Lavalin.

In 2018, natural resource jobs in Alberta were down 25,000 from the 2014 peak but employment was equivalent to the industry’s 10-year average. While employment in the fossil fuel business has not grown, the province’s total jobs are 158,000 above the 10-year average.

That number suggests the province has been somewhat successful in moving away from dependence on a sunset industry.

There are no legitimate economists who would argue that is anything but positive.

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  1. Follow the money not the press release ?
    Hey what would you do with a quadrillion dollars? paraphrasing what someone in BC once said Q for T.?
    Future projections are just basically speculation?just ask BCH?


  2. The reason is that the public sector created most of the job increasing future debt and making Alberta less competitive and almost broke. You are showing partial information very biased. Alberta increased its debt from 13 to 100 billion in 4 years. Ridiculous.


    • Yes, as in the rest of Canada, the service sector is outperforming goods producing industries in terms of job creation. The most recent StatsCan report (Table 14-10-0022-01) shows that service jobs account for 81% of jobs in Alberta. Ten years ago, the number was 80% but the biggest increases were for healthcare and education.

      The first is not surprising given an aging population and an explosion of medical capabilities that result in longer life spans and better quality of life. (Think about that when you or a loved one next needs medical assistance.)

      Additional resources dedicated to education is logical in a region that needs to shift away from non-renewable resource extraction. You may have noticed that prosperous nations are typically well educated nations.

      I do agree that Alberta’s debt growth is ridiculous. Even worse, it is theft from future generations. Alberta has been exhausting non-renewable resources, taking a tiny share of value, and keeping almost none of it for citizens of tomorrow. In addition, Alberta’s oil-soaked politicians are ensuring that hundreds of billions of dollars in cleanup costs are the financial responsibility of children yet unborn.

      If Alberta needed a coat-of-arms today, its theme would be GREED and SELFISHNESS.

      Yet, my time residing in Alberta showed that ordinary citizens are not greedy or selfish. Unfortunately, they leave that to politicians and their fossil fuel friends.

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  3. Its too bad for the Alberta people to suffer through such abysmal political leadership going back into the Ralph Klein days. To suddenly blame it on Ms. Notley for the sudden rise in their debt to 100 billion misses a few years in the progression of how this came about.
    It didn’t happen overnight, and I’m sure Albertans are learning instead of wanting to relive the past.
    What I found astounding is the Alberta Regulator of the Oil Patch is a privately owned company financed I believe by the oil industry. I had no idea how deep the political rot is until recently.
    I always liked Peter Loughead even though he was a Conservative


    • Even a small flyer like the Bird’s Eye published on Quadra Is. [ 2pages] outdoes the Mainstream in ana rticle by Don Pettit. In it he states ” Capital Power in Edmonton won a 300megawatt wind contract to be built near Medicine hat with a bid of 3.9 cents per kwh. “With a goal of 50% of its energy from renewables, Saskatchewan is approving wind projects at less than 3 cents/kwh.
      So BC with the corruption of BCHydro will be looking as a standout Crown Corp. for what can go wrong soon. Paying for energy we never consumed!


      • Oh, don’t make me think about it. Just ran across old electric bills, from 1978, which for a one bedroom apartment, electrically heated, with single paned walls of windows, was $20 per month. Now the house may be larger, but its heated by gas fireplaces and has a gas hot water tank and the electricity bill comes to $378 for two months.


    • now that is what I call an interesting article. Yes, one does wonder why no MSM in Canada wrote something like that. thank you to the Buffalo Chronicle.


  4. One must remember that Adler and CORUS provide entertainment and are not a legitimate news organization any more.

    Adler is on air solely to keep CORUS’s radio listenership listening, to sell advertising, nothing more.

    The great wail from the prairies is that Ottawa has screwed them and continues to screw them and Ottawa means Liberals.

    Alberta, which has seen some of the most inept politicians running the province is growing up to the fact of the “ups and downs” of a petro state. Instead of building a domestic refining of its oilsands, for sale in Canada, the provincial government cozied up to the petroleum industry to sell their product abraod so the petroleum industry would make huge profits.

    Now the chickens have come home to roost and the neoliberal panacea of oil properity has turned into a petro drama of the third rate province stamping its wittle feet, trying to get its own way.

    This is Adler’s and CORUS’s base, this is who they pander to.

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