BC Liberals


“How horrible is it to be a mischievous and malignant hypocrite.”

– Voltaire

Until a 2017 statute deterred corporate contributions to politicians, BC Liberals took in millions from radical activists with deep pockets. These were the foreign shareholders and financiers of large corporations doing business in this province.

China, Foreign Ownership & B.C. Resources, BC Business, July 2011:

B.C.’s natural resources are being gobbled up by foreign entities at a record pace. Increasingly, those entities are controlled by governments, such as China’s, that may have motives beyond mere profits…

Premier Clark’s costly friend, In-Sights, July 2016

…Late in the 2013 B.C. provincial election campaign, when Liberal leader Christy Clark’s bid for the premier’s office seemed doomed, [Murray] Edwards hosted a fundraising dinner at the Calgary Petroleum Club, raising $1 million for her campaign that culminated in the ultimate upset victory, one that shocked pollsters and delivered Clark a majority government…

BC Liberals accept foreign donations, despite ban in parts of Canada, Globe and Mail, March 2017:

British Columbia’s governing Liberal Party routinely accepts significant donations from foreign interests – a practice that is banned in many other Canadian jurisdictions. The party’s overflowing campaign war chest includes cash from offshore oil and gas companies, European pharmaceutical companies and Beijing investment firms.

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  1. Three major financial contributors to the BC Liberal Party were the real estate industry, the gaming industry, and the automobile industry.

    As it happens, these same industries are implicated as major facilitators in illicit foreign money laundering.

    Could it be that pending public inquiries have certain entities a tad nervous? Nervous enough to thrash about in flagrantly hypocritical manners perhaps?


  2. Just finished my coffee so I didn’t spew it all over the keyboard when I read that piece of B.C. Liebercon b.s. Must give them full credit though for talking this type of trash. Its an attempt to make the NDP look bad, as if they’re the problem, when most of us who read blogs and take any notice of anything in politics, know that Christy Clark had soirees left right and centre, raising money. Had one as I recall at the home of the then pres. of SFU. No one knew who was attending, how much they gave, etc. Must have been fun. Oh, right some of them cost $25K to attend.

    Lew Edwardson, your last sentence, think you have a point there, just like the big display of theatrics at the leg. over Plecas.


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