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May? Maybe, maybe not

I am sympathetic to certain objectives of Green Party members. In BC, provincial Greens aim to move rapidly from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. That is more progressive than policies of competing BC parties. But the Greens are less clear about social and economic reforms, particularly on national issues not protective of the environment.

Green Party of Canada leader May has not ruled out a coalition with Conservatives after the October election.

My response to Ms. May:

Nobody asks you to avoid talking to other parties. But many would like for you to say unequivocally you will not support any party tolerating racists and climate crisis deniers. It’s shouldn’t be that hard. I wonder why you don’t say it.

People worry that GPC won’t repudiate a party with ties to Rebel Media and tolerance for alt-right hate movements and climate change deniers. To accuse us of not understanding how parliamentary democracy works is arrogant and disrespectful.

The Green leader implies willingness to align with Andrew Scheer and his associates. In February, Andrew Scheer spoke on Parliament Hill to a small collection of oil biz promoters and yellow-vest protesters, “We’ve got your back, we are standing with you.”

Some of those people are tied to white supremacists, Nazi sympathizers and goofs who appear at political rallies dressed like this.

Conservative Party of Canada tolerates climate change deniers, alt-right racists, healthcare privatizers and groups that oppose women’s rights. It is the party that broke election laws, employed foreign political telemarketers and is accused of using robocalling to send voters to the wrong polling stations. It’s also home to bizarre Senators like this one:

If the Green Party of Canada truly wants to do politics differently, it’s time to state clearly whether or not they will support Harper-style extremism, and worse.

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  1. Elizabeth May drank the political cool aid. To have hired Warren Kinsella says so much more than I’d like to think about the Greens. Now they did part company, yet, omg. Kinsella has a hate on for Trudeau, in my opinion, which is beyond reasonable.

    when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas and in my opinion, the Greens just don’t cut it anymore.

    During the course of my voting life, its been NDP. People who used to not know how to vote, not liking most parties, I’d suggest, give the Greens a try. they may make a difference and they are different. Not now. I’d suggest they hold their nose and just vote for the least objectionable party and I’d be real clear why I no longer suggest the Greens as an alternative.

    Scheer’s campaign manager is Hamish Marshall a former “staffer” of The Rebel. That ought to tell voters all they need to know about the Conservatives and racism. They can’t get Scheer to march in a Pride Parade, we know he’s anti abortion,

    Now Harper belonged to a religion which believed the end of days was imminent and the bible inerrant. If you believe the end of days is imminent then you wouldn’t care about the future and climate change. The end of days maybe coming but it will be because of a war and/or climate change destroyed all life on earth not that some guy named jesus is coming around for a second time and is the son of god.

    There is not much about the Conservative Party, in this century which would appeal to people who’d like to see this earth continue in a more or less peaceful manner, without attacking people who aren’t WASPS.


  2. .. I comment extensively on several Indy Blogs.. and was gifted with high reading capabilities – thus I visit and receive a lot of information. I utilize Facebook and Twitter to promote Environment & often provide links to fine journalism, excellent editorial, priceless research, and valuable opinions.. Nikiforuk, Andrew Leach at U of A re Energy, Andrew Derocher re polar bears, or even humor or sports.. and certainly re Environment, Species, Habitat .. and of course Pollution.

    My view more and more is that political parties are failing us in Canada, heck in North America. I wonder about Ms May and the federal Greens.. they puzzle me at times. Dr Weaver and the Provincial Greens interest me greatly. Climenhaga has some recent posts re Dr Weaver I thought were truly refreshing. The disaster of Lavalin and the exit of Ms Philpott and Ms Wilson-Reybould truly bothers me.. and so I have grave doubt re the Liberals (who bought us a pipeline.. what ?) I believe Andrew Scheer and his party are useless crude sellout garbage, and believe the NDP are a lost confused political tribe who are losing some really good people.

    So to be concise.. I want to see political parties disintegrate and be replaced by strong community exemplars who are chosen as local candidates and if elected serve at most, 1 to 2 terms. I also believe our Parliamentry System needs a drastic overhall and streamlining. I also detest ‘safe ridings’ .. that’s how Canada gets a Rob Anders or Jason Kenney and parachute candidates becoming MPs or MPLs. This is the era of ‘captured governments’

    Your fine work regarding British Columbia just shines.. why aren’t you in politics.. haha! But seriously, in my view I wish we could elect exemplars only.. to serve the electorate.. a Jane Philpott & not a Pierre Poilievre, a Paul Watson instead of a Christy Clark.. a Dr David Schindler instead of a lout like Peter Kent.. We end up with career political animals who are likely inside trading via privileged knowledge and becoming millionaires. Why do we end up with slugs like Tony Clement who somehow lost track of 50 million $ ? Or creeps like Stephen Harper infected with smarty pants syndrome who attract odd mystery boys like Ray Novak fresh out of university poli sci hives?

    Our antenna should jump to attention when some punk named Stephen Lecce or a witch like Jenni Byrne can flit back and forth on our dime from the PMO to Fantino’s campaign office and back into the PMO while sharing office space with a red goateed robo & live call guru INSIDE Fantino’s campaign office. The system is screwed when as a federal judge determined, some 240 ridings were hit by Election Fraud.. driven by an electoral voter database whose admin access logs were altered or deleted.. even the RCMP gave up on that one. Yet an appointed federal Senator named Finley was known to be running ‘black ops’ … Deary me.. that does not sound like ‘Democracy’ ..


  3. The Greens are “green” in name only.

    The so called “Green” councilors on Vancouver city council have proven that. They are not Green, but an extension of the Vision(less) Vancouver mob.

    Momma May has become a legend in her own mind, Green is just a colour, pretending to give a damn.

    And Gordie, we are not running out of politcal parties to vote for, we have run out of politcal parties to vote for. What is left is the tin-foil hat brigade and some those people are beginning to make sense.


  4. Elizabeth May is a politician.
    1st and foremost.
    All else matters not…. one…. whit…

    I recall her running as a Green in Nova Scotia several Federal elections ago….and when she went down to defeat….

    She arrived on the west coast to try her luck in a safe Green Riding!
    Out intrepid (insipid?) “Leader” is ready to dance with the devil…..
    Speaking of Devil Dancing.
    Where’s Andrew Weaver of late?
    Learning the “Cha Cha Cha two step” on the NDP dime no doubt….

    Elect “anyone but the incumbent….
    Toss them all out after one term.


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