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They think we’re stupid

For decades, BC Hydro’s leadership has been predicting demand for electricity in BC will grow about 40% in 20 years. The utility continues to misinform citizens of the province even though sales records reveal something far different.

This was taken from a BC Hydro webpage today:

In fact, BC Hydro sold less electricity in the 12 months of FY 2019 to residential, commercial and industrial customers than it did in FY 2007.

To sell power in FY 2007, the utility employed $13 billion in assets. In FY 2018, BC Hydro assets totalled $36 billion.

According to the Q1 report to June 30, no-growth continues. Gigawatt-hours sold in the first period of FY 2020 to those domestic consumers were 13th lowest in the last 16 years. Trade sales, which realized only 3.3¢ per kWh, were down in Q1 as well.

Of course, the claims of rising demand are made to justify massive spending and growth of the BC Hydro management bureaucracy. As we know from the work proceeding at Site C, the strategy is working.

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  1. Yes the BC Hydro propaganda machine sure is spitting out the lies. I hope most of the tide is rising, which i think it is, whereby British Columbians are not falling for the spin. Man we have so much moral corruption and bad folks to deal with on our plate at the Crown corporate and government leadership levels. I would think demand is less anyways because of most people like myself and family have curtailed usage quite a lot. I see this curtailment by way of power saving implementation by many places I go to in my work. The only demand that will come will be the demand from our pockets when we have to pay more for Christy Clark’s and John Horgan’s special interest project. I’m sorry but i find Horgan to be a thoroughly disgraceful politician like most for allowing this waste of so much tax money. I see Weaver seems to be following like a trained seal now following the master. What a disgrace. But anyways the big wigs at Hydro actually sleep at night knowing full well the dirty deeds and lies they grind out. Bad bad people doing these things to their fellow humans. Wow, wow, and wow.


  2. The population of British Columbia has indeed grown by about a million every two decades:
    1951 1,165,210
    1971 2,184,620
    1991 3,373,787
    2011 4,499,139
    2019 5,020,302
    But the figures on pages 85 and 86 of this report clearly indicate that electrical consumption does not follow population growth to any significant degree:
    It seems that either the Finance Ministry has provided us false information, or BC Hydro has. One would expect Ms. James and Ms. Mungall to meet and inform us which one of them is guilty.


    • I wouldn’t trust Ms. Mungal on anything. She left an indelible mark and exampleof what an untrustworthy politician is. One whom finds political ladder climbing to be priority over integrity. The photo of her with the good folks of Paddle for the Peace and being against Site C and then doing one of the worse grand scale political 180’s and backstabbings that i’ve seen by becoming a cheerleading team player to continue the dam’s build. Zero integrity. Actually way below Zero.I liked Carol James, but of coarse that has worn thin when you hear them performing in governance. She has become a good Finance Fudger and propagandist in her role. Nice lady but sounds like your typical talking points robotic spin machine. Mungal just a cowardly flip flopper who does anything for the team and a high profile job with our money but sticks it to us while taking the good paycheques.


      • I happen to believe Ms. James is doing a good job. My point, perhaps clumsily made, is that her good work (and that of others like Mr. Dix) is tarnished by the actions of others in cabinet like Mungall and Trevena.

        Mr. Horgan and his cabinet should know that trust is hard won and easily lost. They’ll all hang together as the saying goes, so it would be best for them (and us) if they formed a truthful consensus.

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  3. They don’t think we’re stupid Norm they know it. And for the most part they are right. 34% of the electorate believe the BC Liberals are good for the provinces finances. Right wing governments from the beginning of time have been terrible for the taxpayers and good for their future corporate paymasters. That is a fact borne out by history again and again.


  4. It does seem that this real information that you give us Norm is always missing from MSM and those so called top dogs of Radio World. Nothing from behind the stage and facade from those kool aid stands. What a laugh. Shameful.


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